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Hanuman Da Damdaar

Hanuman Da Damdaar

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Directed by : Ruchi Narain

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Hanuman Da Damdaar is a funny animated movie set around the mythological god Hanuman presented as a superhero. The multi-starrer project stars the liked of Salman Khan, Raveena Tandon, Kunal Khemu, Javed Akhtar and more.

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Salman Khan

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Hanuman -The 'original super boy'

Rated 4.0 / 5
by Dev Raj Gulati (2,661 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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The Animation genre has a lot of potential for churning out imaginative -cum- engaging stories.The movie under review is an apt example from the slice of mythology.
Like Baal Krishna,here we have Baal Hanuman.His escapades,his characterisation ,his 'super human' powers,his taming of the adversities and above all the lessons to be drawn by the populace ,is the core of the narration.
The protagonist in the adventures is offcourse the 'nanha Hanuman ' and the antagonist is Vishran( a sadhu).Vishran desires that baby Hanuman procures Amrit from the heavenly Gods for him to become invincible.He sets out a matrix of deceit where Garud and Ravan are set up to lend him their helping hand.Baby Hanuman does fall into his' trap' until he realises the ' evil designs of the schemer'.
Ruchi Narain deserves kudos for her story telling,contemporary scripting,characterisations of the principal characters.The quality of animation ,special effects,background score and apt musical compositions are of world standards.The colours are bright.The set of the kingdom of Ravan is awesome.
Baal Hanuman is adorable.He uses his super natural powers for the welfare of the society.He's humble.He's not egoist .He wins medals in all events in the Olympics of the animal kingdom.
Garud is a ' caring big brother 'to him.It's under his tutelage that Baby Hanuman learns to fly - a virtual swim in the air.
Vishran is deceitful.His smooth talk with all others is poisonous .He has prophesised Ravan that his victor has taken birth.
Baby Hanuman"s conversations with Garud,Indra Dev and Vishnu are humorous and yet depthful.
Examples of noticeable one liners -' Today's events,written tommorow is history'( Garud).'Of what use is bravery,if others don't benefit'( Baby Hanuman).
"Should I provide you the Amrit,you'll have to enter into a life long contract to serve me'( Vishnu to Hanuman).
Mythology us a store house for film makers to churn out many more stories.
The movie could have been more engaging if made in 3/4 D.One hopes that we could see the story of Hanuman extended in future episodes.
A visual delight for children.p

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