Happy Bhag Jayegi

Happy Bhag Jayegi

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Directed by : Mudassar Aziz

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Happy Bhag Jayegi is an Indian Hindi-language romantic comedy film directed by Mudassar Aziz and produced by Anand L. Rai and Krishika Lulla.


“Its share of fun will make sure you walk out being 'Happy!”

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Abhay Deol


Happy Bhag Jayegi Audience Review

Happy Bhag Jayegi Review

Rated 3.0 / 5
by Rahul Deo Bharadwaj (2,390 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Let me start with the only weakness of Happy Bhaag Jayegi. Its climax probably could have been better. But then I also think maybe that was the intent of the director in the first place. To make a movie which does not lose its light heartedness at any point.Therefore none of its scenes or characters are allowed to linger on too much on the screen.

Which makes Happy Bhaag Jayegi a good one time watch. Or maybe you might find it worth watching it again.

HBJ's strongest point is its humor. Its strongest performances are from Afridi , the typical good at heart Pakistani cop played by Piyush Mishra. His performance is actually the show stopper in HBJ. His scenes with Jimmy Sheirgil's Bagga make you laugh and admire the comic timing of both the actors. Particularly the scene when Afridi while leaving India asks Bagga to come over to Pakistan where he can return his "favours". Only an actor like Piyush Mishra could have delivered - "aayiega zaroor" with such depth and comic longing for revenge.

Jimmy Sheirgil is fast becoming a kind of a PHD in the "third guy who never gets the girl" kind of roles - so truly underlined by the henchmen when he tells him in the climax happy ke pass pati hai aapke pass sympathy hai ! . Yet to his credit he brings freshness to hi efforts yet again. Bagga is another supreme effort from Sheirgil which underlines how Bollywood has for almost a decade ignored this powerhouse of an actor who brings such phenomenal screen presence to the table. Dear Anand L Rai - please can we get one lead role for him ? Please ?

Abhay Deol's Bilal is another worthy performance . A man who finds his own calling in life through helping Happy. Abhay Deol has scored another winner here.

Which brings me to the biggest underdog of the movie Momal Sheikh. She is the daughter of Javed Sheikh who is also in the movie and a powerhouse of an actor. Momal Shiekh's Zoya brings such controlled energy and regality to the screen that frankly her quiet stares while Diana's Happy keeps on blabbering take away all the screen glory from the leading lady of the movie. Momal Sheikh's character which starts as a possessive dominating partner develops into the role of a woman who can think clearly and keeps her head held high even when she feels she has lost the man she so passionately loves. By the time climax comes you are more pulled towards Zoya than Happy.

Trust me her and Bilal's love story plot in that one scene in the climax , and I am not revealing what it is , steals the show totally from the lead pair's love story. Largely for the performance from Momal Sheikh. She wins the day and how !

Happy Bhaag Jayegi is also watchable not just for its great comic moments but also for the fact that it brings to us the often repeated fact that true love and goodness of human nature shall always win.

Go watch it if you like feel good movies because Happy Bhaag Jayegi is actually the way they should be made.