Hate Story

Hate Story

3.5 2,808 Ratings

Directed by : Vivek Agnihotri

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  • Critics Rating 2.0/5
  • MJ Rating 2.6/5
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Based on real life instances, Hate Story is an erotic thriller that tries to show that the only truth is hatred. While we do talk about love and peace, in reality, everyones trying to sort out issues that relate to violence, hatred and revenge.


“Just another revenge story that offers nothing new in terms of writing and filmmaking! The only thing that makes the film somewhat watchable is Paoli Dam, who manages to maintain the hotness quotient throughout.”

Hate Story Credit & Casting

Gulshan Devaiah


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  • Gross: INR 12.02 cr.
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Hate Story Audience Review

Oye tujhe dekhai diya kuch! Nahi

| by Ankit Gupta |
Rated 2.0 / 5
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Two boys just after the movie
A: Pata nahi why par main incomplete sa mehsoos kar raha hoon
B: matlab!
A: I guess I have missed something in the movie
B: Dude! They werent there
Period. Actually if you are really dying to catch this movie, then you get the message. But still, the ritual rating has to be given -2/5. It is watchable with exoticness justifying the (A) rating but not the hype generated.

Story :
A journo, Kavya (Paoli Dam) exposes a cement business. Its owner, Siddharth Dhanrajgir (Gulshan Deviah) decides to f*ck her (quite literally). Somebody in the audience whistled on the appearance of the name, Siddharth Dhanrajgir (he must have remembered 1970s). The f*cking gets her pregnant, the shrewd businessman gets her reproductive organs removed and then the pros rises - main iss shehar ki top ki r**di bannna chahti hoon (I want to become the top pros of this city). Rest of story is how she used her body to get herself the justice.

Casting :
Paoli Dam : as a pros gives her professional best. Acting was decent, much better than Aisha (actress who acted in it). The publicity has brought her to mainstream limelight; verdict will be clear perhaps later but she deserves some more quality chances.
Gulshan Deviah : one of those actors who are defined by the phrase isko kahin dekha hai. Nice attempt. He was best with his stammering lines and one-liners (engineers may be recall the cult movie, Gunda by the style of his dialogue delivery).
Nikhil Dwivedi : He debuted in a movie called My Name is Anthony Gonsalves. Many viewers reported of not recalling their name after watching it. But here he was simply realistic enacted the character of a loser like his real life.
Saurabh Dubey : plays Kumar Dhanrajgir, father of Gulshan Deviah. Awesome performance.
Joy Sengupta : enjoyed the maximum with the protagonist (isne sabse zyada maaze liye). Never actually thought that he could do B-grade stuff so0O very well.
Mohan Kapoor : he was no match to Joy.

Cinematography is seriously B-grade. Music, even if it was there I cant recall. Screenplay is satisfactory. Hate Storys biggest asset is some of its one-liners which are few and limited.
A couple of them :
"I f*ck the people who f*ck with me"
chuhiya ke daant to sher se paine hote hai, but panja sher ke pass hi hota hai

Answers to the most important questions :
Should I go? NO. Incase you insist for this, you will have to play the ab-aayega-scene game for nearly 3 hours. Ensure your energy levels to survive by carrying Tzinga with you (Survival tip).
Why? Catch a better quality B-grade in your old cinema hall. Am sure you will find one.
Then who will see this! : fans of Mallika Sapera (surname nahi yaad aa raha, but photo dimaag mein hai), SherLion Chopra (another hypo) and wannabe actresses like Poo-Naam-Pan-Doo (quite a length covered!). In addition to famed list, any audience who is shy to see a B-grade movie in an old rickety cinema hall but are fine with multiplexes.
Kiske naam pe bikega : one-liners and the erotic poster!!
Words of wisdom : Watch on DVD (if you are curious). Instead go for a better quality B-grade movie.

ps: Once I saw this awesome Bhojpuri movie Current mare goriya while travelling in a video coach somewhere nearby Dhanbad. I treat that as a benchmark when it comes to a B-grade. By God! Aaj uski phir yaad aa gayi (remember it today)