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Directed by : Shekhar Suman

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Aditya has everything in his life - love and success. His life takes a turn when one day he gets a heart attack and goes for an emergency heart surgery. The film focuses on the medical phenomenon called anasthesia awareness, a condition where a patient cannot move his body, but can hear and understand all that's happening aro...more


“Heartless has a novel idea but it doesn't translate into a well-written script. The film looks good but lacks two essential ingredients - heart and soul.”

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Adhyayan Suman


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  • Gross: INR 1.18 cr.
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Rated 1.5 / 5

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Movies often show souls of dead people, looking semi-transparent and emitting a mild white light, looking at their own dead bodies, shocked that they're dead but they still actually exist in a different form. Shekhar Suman's Heartless is the kind of mind-bending movie that'd put the likes of Nolan to shame, where Aryan (played by Adhyayan Suman), whose body is still very much alive, is present elsewhere too, in the form of his soul. Amidst all the inanely built drama, there are moments such as a European-operatic song whose visuals emulate gothic art, or another one on a beach which looks like a dream sequence but surprisingly turns out to be real - where the surreal tragic song is interrupted by the arrival the police, establishing that all this while we were in a world very much real and what we just witnessed isn't just a fragment of the character's imagination. The protagonist's struggle in the second half harks back to Alfred Hitchcock's terrific short film Breakdown, a diegetic depiction of the thoughts of a paralysed man is presumed dead by everyone around him. But it's hard not to laugh at the arty histrionics Heartless has in for us when the drama that triggers this conceit is so amateurishly realized and the movie advocates the flawed and flimsy "Parents are always right" thought.