Hello Darling

Hello Darling

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Directed by : Manoj Tiwari

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Three young, beautiful, smart girls who work in a fashion design company in Mumbai, each targeting their lusty boss (Jaaved Jaffery) who eventually manages to trap them all a sticky situation in which all three are made to dance to his tunes.

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Gul Panaag

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  • Gross: INR 2.94 cr.
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Hello Darling Audience Review

Do not say HELLO to these DARLINGs!

| by Harjeet S Rakhra |
Rated 1.0 / 5
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Subash Ghai- All conquerable showman of 80s and 90s has lost his midas touch for last few years. Not only his direction is getting all the brickbats, his production house 'Mukta Arts' is also churning duds after dodos. If trailers are any indication, its latest venture 'Hello Darling' doesn't looked to defy the ongoing trend for Mr. Ghai.
'Hello Darling' deals with the eve-teasing and sexploitation at office premises. Three female victims are: Eesha Koppikar, who has only a 'Khallas' song to adorn her CV till date; Celina Jaitley, who is a live example of actresses surviving in Bollywood with plastic face and zero emotions; Gul Panag who, for some strange reason, wastes her time and energy on these fillers in between her meaningful cinema appearances. The lecherous assaulter is enacted by Javed Jaffrey who would have buoyed by the prospect of playing the lead in any genre of film. The humor is monotonous, dialogues are double-meaning and story has no novelty whatsoever. With each passing reel, the irritation, disgust and frustration are only the left-over emotions with the audiences.

'Hello Darling' provides ample opportunities for all the leading ladies to showcase their cleavages and legs. If the same hard work had channelised in a better way by the writers, then Hello Darling could have become atleast a decent watch. The dialogues by Javed Jaffrey looks as if it's handpicked from Boogie-Woogie sets, where he is used to deliver these stupid one-liners. Divya Dutta and Seema Biswas are wasted big time. Chunkey Pandey does justice to his image as he does what he is best at and that is "to ham and ham and ham". Eesha Koppikar is now happily married and had bid adieu to acting; we must thank her for that. Celina Jaitley did not had even a single smooch scene in this sleazy tale of girls; no doubt she is disappointed, SO ARE WE. We have reason to believe that Gul Panag would use her head from now on before finalizing on any script. Music, if any, is by Pritam; he would have earned few extra bucks from Hello Darling in order to buy some foreign music DVDs.

Maverick Verdict: Getting my head straight and penning this review for 'Hello Darling' is an ordeal in itself. I hope you would have deciphered my sign-language; STAY away and be IN PEACE!!!