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Directed by : Rajiv Virani

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  • MJ Rating 1.8/5
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Protagonist Vic (Bobby Deol) is a successful horror film director in Bollywood and is married to Pia (Mugdha Godse), having a turbulent relationship. As the darkness spreads, things start to get worse and the spirit tries to annihilate everything. Now they must race against time to find out the secret which will save their li...more

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Bobby Deol


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  • Gross: INR 2.55 cr.
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H stands for HELP, HORROR and HORRIFYING!!!

| by Harjeet S Rakhra |
Rated 2.0 / 5
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The pre-release anticipation, on-board experience and after-effect dissection of a movie should largely depend on the 'Genre' of the movie. Viewer should know exactly what to expect, once reel gets rolling and the light gets dimmer inside the Film-maker's casino (Read Cinema-Halls). "HELP" belongs to a relative untouched genre of horror movies in Bollywood; this subject is synonym to some B or C grade knee-headed flicks, with obvious exception of Raaz series. With this latest venture, Director Rajeev Virani vows to extend a HELPing hand to this particular school of Art.

The Bobby-Mugdha starrer is gripping in patches and keeps audience's attention glued to the screen intermittently. With usual bollywood song-and-dance routine, it goes off-track ever so often and thin story-line further adds to the woes. If a moviegoer expects the spine-chillers to come down in torrents he would be contented only with a meager drizzle of sorts. Only one scene that I remember literally scares the bejeezus out of bravest of hearts and few others just manage shivering sensations. Ashutosh Pathak delivers spooky and haunting background score and deserves pat on the back; thankfully, he uses Ramsays trademark cranking-n-squeaking door sound only couple of times.

The least we discuss about the songs, the better. They really do not HELP the cause of the movie and further delays the inevitable. Story could have been better, more twists and turns are always welcome, something new and fresh was expected midway but all goes kaput once a lame excuse was given for all the hullabaloo and havoc in the house. Performance wise, again a blank slate. Bobby tries hard to justify his decision of accepting this role, but that would probably remain undecipherable. Mugdha fails to portray facial expressions and is abysmal in emotional sequences. Even her much-publicized bikini-act frizzles without a fizz. She could HELP herself by recruiting a Hindi-diction tutor if she wants to prolong her acting career. Shreyas Talpade does justice to an extended-cameo; but neither his guest appearances nor his full-blown roles are proving box-office winners nowadays.

Maverick Verdict: Except a sequence or two and one of the mind-wobbling riddle, there is nothing new to offer. If that in itself is a good reason to watch this horrifying horror attempt, go and HELP the distributors; else, HELP yourself. May God wish all the "Bhatakti Aatma" a genuine RIP and all of us, a SIP (Stay In Peace).