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Directed by : Nikhil Advani

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Sooraj is a gangster in Mumbai. He meets Radha who is the daughter of Chief of Police. One day, Sooraj runs with Radha,telling her that he has got some instructions from police to take her away from city for some time. But later Radha gets to know that she has been kidnapped by Sooraj. By the time they part ways, they have fa...more


“If it had some substance over style, Hero wouldn't have ended up as a villain.”

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Sooraj Pancholi

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  • Gross: INR 20.99 cr.
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Why Bhai Why

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The only reason being bandied around since the last few weeks for us to watch Hero is that Salman Khan said so. Well, if Bhai followed in footsteps of Rajni and paid back money fro bad films, all of us movie goers would be millionaires this week. Hero, starring Sooraj Pancholy and Athiya Shetty is as unpalatable as bowl of milk gone bad.

Subhash Ghai's Hero from the 80's deserved to sit in the dusty annals of history untouched and unremembered. Yet, Salman Khan and Ghai found it suitable to unleash this old drivel on to us. With two new comers to boot. Well that is the least of your troubles if you are sitting in a movie hall watching this film.

Sooraj (Pancholy) is a local thug who believes in not wearing a shirt if he can (and that he can is pretty evident all through the movie) who is loyal to a local don Pasha (Aditya Pancholy). Pasha asks him to kidnap arch rival Mathur, an IG's daughter Radha (Athiya) which he dutifully does. Sooraj and Radha fall in love with each other (but ofcourse) and Pasha is happy, cause that is his weapon to get even with Mathur. Mathur doesn't like this one bit, then yawn, yawn and some more yawn after, love wins and all is well. NOT.

Not only does director Nikhil Advani expect his audience to wake up this Friday morning and fall in love with the trashy times of 80's Bollywood, he also expects us to have tolerance levels of a nurse in charge of a psychotic TV serial Saas suffering from piles. So we are served dialogues like "aaj main tumhe surprise nahi shock karne aaya hu" (the point where I started clawing at the seat fabric), random action sequences where hero beats up baddies through brick walls (cue to start playing catch-the -pop-corn here) and insipid songs that make dogs barking at night sound like melodies.

Sooraj is a dull drab screen presence who is nothing beyond the sum of his muscles. Athiya, with her sportsman physique and sharp features , plays a girl with the brain of a four year old all the while looking like one stupid love line away from punching Sooraj in his crotch.

The only saving grace is the end credits where Salman comes in singing Main Tera Hero, and all the behind the scenes footage that accompanies the song. That is where one sees the real Sooraj and Athiya, normal youngsters having a good time, like everyone else their age. Like we would want to see characters on screen in films made today, for today's audiences. Hero is not that film. The two newcomers deserve a second debut.