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Directed by : Siddharth P Malhotra

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Marking the comeback of Rani Mukerji on screen after four long years, Hichki is a film that brings her back on the big screen. Directed by Sidharth P. Malhotra, the film is produced by Aditya Chopra who also happens to be Rani's husband. This is Rani's first film after motherhood.


“Hichki is an inspiring voyage full of heart & tears, without a hiccup!”

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Rani Mukerji

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Lady teacher who hicupps, her rowdy slum kid pupils, the affluent kids and their problems

Rated 3.0 / 5
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Some years back there was an English movie called " To sir with love" about the travails of a black teacher in a US school as he handles a group of unruly teenagers. After initial adjustments he finally wins them over and changes their lives.
This film treads a similar path and is about a young lady teacher Naina( Rani Mukherjee) afflicted with a neurological disorder called Tourette syndrome due to which she lets out shrieks and unusual sounds periodically and which gets worse when she gets stressed.( Hence the title hichki which means hiccup in Hindi). Naina is determined to be a teacher and keeps applying to various schools but due to her problem she doesn't make it everytime.
After many unsuccessful attempts to land in a teacher's job she finally gets one in a school but the condition is that she must teach a group of economically challenged (slum) kids. As the school principal ruefully mentions that thanks to a "right to education"they have to take in this group of teenagers from the neighbourhood slums and were looking for a suitable teacher.
The film tackles the age old problem of how the teacher must make studies more interesting and practically oriented rather than encouraging rote learning. Towards achieving this, Naina takes the students outdoors demonstrating principles of physics and chemistry with everyday objects much to the discomfort and jealousy of other teachers. There is also a clash between the better off students of another section and Naina's students which results in the suspension of Naina's entire class.
The viewer gets the feeling that the subject could have been handled much better though Rani Mukherjee's acting is commendable and there are some really touching scenes. To make Rani look good the vice Principal has been made to look like a tyrant.There is a parallel plot of Rani's strained relationship with her father who warms up later as the misunderstandings disappear.
Rani Mukherjee is very impressive in the role of the enthusiastic though constantly hicupping lady teacher out to make a career in teaching and who successfully transforms her mischievous students into disciplined ones. She is very convincing as she argues her case with the principal. She carries the film on her shoulders.
The film leaves us with a message asking us to pursue our ambitions overcoming personal handicaps and adversities.