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Naagin, the Snake Womans mate is captured from the jungles of India by a ruthless American George States. She transforms into a stunningly attractive woman with no clue about contemporary civilization or the ways of mankind, and ventures into the city in desperate search for her lover with vengeance on her mind and venom in h...more


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Mallika Sherawat


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    Haha You got to be kidding me..

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    First of all an ichhadhari nagin movie in this day and age could have been a total farce. But thankfully Jennifer Lynch adds a murder mystery angle to it which makes it a tad watchful and thankfully does not change my benchmark for bad movies. The writer has tried to inject at least some logic to the nagin concept like the nagin cannot magically speak hindi like her predecessor nagins. The nagin continues to looking smoking hot though. Also in a desi anaconda style, the nagin eats up people and excretes the inedible remains.

    The story revolves around a guy called George (Jeff Doucette) who has brain tumor and separated the Nag from the Nagin in order to retrieve the Nag-mani from her to attain immortality. Pronto the Nagin turns into Mallika Sherawat and takes her vengeance by killing all the people involved. Irfan Khan is the investigating officer who tries to solve the mystery of these murders.

    The VFX are amateurish at times and should have been much better with the time and effort put behind this movie. Some of the scenes where Mallika gets her fangs out are baffling and beyond humorous. This desi monster movie rides on a half naked Mallika to pull it through to the finish line.

    Mallika does not get a single dialog but emotes very well through her eyes. Irfan Khan is good as always. Jeff Doucette hams us to death. He is probably the funniest part of the movie.

    What was Jennifer lynch thinking when conceiving this movie. She goes overboard with the Indian beliefs of ichha dhari nagins and nag manis. The murder mystery plot was a good addition though to the usual nagin story.

    Overall this movie is still a watchable affair as compared to the other release of the week Rakta Charitra I

    Malika fan and love Indian mythology? Don't miss it.
    Hate mindless logic less concepts? Skip it
    Wanna see it for the hype? Catch it on DVD.