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Directed by : Jennifer Lynch

Release Date : | Length : 98 Minutes

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Naagin, the Snake Womans mate is captured from the jungles of India by a ruthless American George States. She transforms into a stunningly attractive woman with no clue about contemporary civilization or the ways of mankind, and ventures into the city in desperate search for her lover with vengeance on her mind and venom in h...more


“Give Hisss a missss!”

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Mallika Sherawat


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Phussssss !!!

Rated 1.5 / 5
by Manu Agrawal (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Not every foreigner who makes a film on India is Danny Boyle. And if you still think otherwise, he/she will definitely not cast Mallika Sherawat in it. That should have been my second clue before raising expectations for this one. And what exactly was Irrfan thinking ? My heart goes out to the guy, who should ideally be repenting his decision right now.

The story - An old fogey named George has brain cancer, and wants the Naagmani present in 'icchhadhaari' snakes to gain immortality. Thus he captures a male, waiting for the female to turn into an 'icchadhaari' and come for her mate. Meanwhile, Detective/Inspector Irrfan, whose wife Divya Dutta is dealing with fertility issues (somehow this is also related to the snake goddess - how, I am at a loss to explain) starts investigating strange murders in the city, with victims dying from poison injecting into their bodies with what seem like punctures created by syringes. Connecting the dots, the deaths are linked to the naagin, who ultimately takes her revenge.

This was what the film maker wanted to tell you. In reality, the following is what you are going to see:

1) Slow motion cutscenes - In the forest, in the city, at the police station, or the mandir.
2) Mallika Sherawat turns part snake and kills somebody. Lots of blood and gore.
3) Mallika drops off her clothes, and prances around naked, climbing trees, lamp posts etc. (I seriously doubt whether this one passed the censors in India).
4) Irrfan or old villain will utter Hindi/English cuss words.
5) Repeat Steps 1-4 in no particular order for 1.5 hours.

The direction is seriously flawed in many respects. Relying more on disgust to entertain/titillate the viewer, no attention is paid to building up a proper story, or developing characters. Particular scenes could have been shot much more aesthetically without twisting the meaning. A lot of effort has clearly gone into the snake outfit and makeup, but unfortunately it doesnt create the desired impact. And whats with the slow motion? It has been used blatantly, thus frustrating the viewer. The animation is definitely not top notch, as was expected from an American Director. Dialogues are inane ("Paisa sabse badi cheez hai") and most of them are dubbed. The only consolation is Irrfan, who does inject some life with his role of a perplexed Police detective.

C-grade. Avoid like the plague.

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