Holiday - A Soldier Is Never Off Duty

Holiday - A Soldier Is Never Off Duty

3.5 5,847 Ratings

Directed by : A. R. Murugadoss

Release Date : | Length : 170 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.4/5
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Virat, a secret Defence Intelligence Agent, is among a battalion of military officers that visit Mumbai for a vacation. A lost wallet in a bus leads him to a terrorist conspiracy.


“Holiday tries to be a thriller and a rom-com, but ends up being neither. Bad casting choices, a drawn out second half and Govinda's wasted talent are reasons enough to skip the film, even for Akshay Kumar fans.”

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  • Gross: INR 112.44 cr.
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Let Sleeper Cells lie

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It seems to me that the collective brains of the Producer, Director and Akshay Kumar were on holiday when they conceived Holiday. The movie defies basic logic in its story-building which leaves you in turns baffled, bored, confused and angry.

Akshay Kumar plays Virat, a soldier on his annual month-long leave. His parents decide that he should get married and his romance with Sonakshi just begins when he finds himself in the middle of a bomb blast. He captures the terrorist and then from then the movie is all about how one man (with a wee bit of help in exactly one scene from his Army friends) takes on the entire terrorist network and decimates it.

We have seen enough movies about such one-man armies but nowhere have I found the hero functioning in such splendid isolation. His best friend is a Sub Inspector with the Mumbai Police and the only police guy who seems to be involved in the case. Worse, he doesn't seem to think it's his duty to inform his superiors about the knowledge he has, preferring instead to just go along with all of Virat's plans in sheer awe.

There is not a single Police person in sight in the entire movie and that makes this movie firmly a Police v/s Army one that should make the Mumbai Police want to sue the producers. In fact, Virat mentions the names of the Mumbai Policemen who perished in the terror attacks, but they are taken in vain since what they show in the movie is that the Police force doesn't have either the brains or the brawn to take on terrorists. Why, the Sub Inspector doesn't even know that the coloured cube puzzle is called Rubiks Cube! No wonder, we need the army man to solve the problem.

In the middle of chasing down terrorists, and eliminating sleeper cells, Virat also finds time to romance Lil Miss Podgy (Sonakshi, in badly fitting, very unstylish lehenga cholis) and go to a discotheque and put in some dancing which severely hampers the pace of the movie.

If you suspend belief and accept this illogical premise then Holiday actually entertain in bits. The fight sequences are well done, the tension builds up well in a few places and there are a few good funny bits, including an unintentional moment in the climax which had me laughing out loud.

However, I am a sensible person and can only suspend belief in movies that are made with that purpose (Housefull and Joker come to mind). Holiday tries to be a thriller and a romance and an ode to Akshay's prowess in acting, dancing, fighting etc. and its hard to digest that. It also stretches its telling time along with its credibility. Take a holiday from this holiday.