Horror Story

Horror Story

3.4 2,799 Ratings

Directed by : Ayush Raina

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  • Critics Rating 2.1/5
  • MJ Rating 2.7/5
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Paranormal phenomenon has a mix of the believers and the non-believers, as were these seven youngsters. They were friends from their school / college days and were meeting after many years to celebrate. One of them was leaving to pursue his goal and career abroad. The night of their reunion was supposed to be a farewell party...more


“Apart from a few genuinely scary moments, Horror Story becomes a horror story for people who like a well-written script. Strictly a one time watch for hardcore fans of the genre.”

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Karan Kundra


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  • Gross: INR 4.99 cr.
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Confident turn this one

Rated 3.0 / 5
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There is nothing absolutely remotely innovative about Horror Story. A bunch of 7 friends enter an abandoned hotel rumored to be built on an asylum and to be now possesed enough to drive people to their deaths. A room totalling to the ominous 13. Drunk evening ending in the freinds getting unwittingly trapped in the hotel and one by one getting themselves killed. Yet, Horror story manages to spook you in what is one of the most cohesive and sensible horror film to come out in Hindi of late (yes, much better than Zanjeer and grand masti).

Usually loud and juvenile in his approach, Vikram Bhat and director Ayush Raina decide to surprise us with some class in this one. The atmospherics is bang on, thanks to some amazing cinematography that is gloomy, dark, brooding with a heightened sense of being trapped visually (not to forget the happy plaigarising from several froeign horror flicks). There are no Bollywood staple screams and shrieks, instead, garbled low murmurs and whisperings that spook the shit out of you. The ghost is not some wierd acrobat gymnast climbing walls in contorted positions, but a simple soul trapped and with evil intentions to plain kill nothing else. All of this works brilliantly to deliver chills every second turn. Thank fully there are no disgusting songs either.

There are flaws of course. The ensmble cast acts pathetically. The story is predictable and totally silly, in between they slip into familiar neembu, mirchi, occult crap that Hindi horror films so love. Yet, all of it is compensated by the pluses, enough for you to ignore and be hooked. I spent the first 50 minutes, without realising it was that long since the film started!

Horro story is songless, a brilliant move. Wish it were without an intermission as well, for the break sort of broke the ambience created in the first half. Still, this is a brilliant improvement in the genre for contemporary bollywood. While the rest of the world innvoates and reinvents the genre, we would do better to perfect whats already done as in this case of Horror Story. Watch it once, you would not regret the money spent.

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