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The House Next Door

The House Next Door

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Directed by : Milind Rau

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The House Next Door is a trilingual horror film starring Sidharth and Andrea Jeremiah and is directed by Milind Rau. The film was inspired from a real life incident and is set in the backdrop of Himachal.

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Run Saraha--Run.

Rated 3.0 / 5
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Horror films also have a formula.There's a haunted house.Some in the house gets possessed.The devil has to be tamed.Ditto in the movie under review.
The D'Costa's are the new neighbours of a recently married couple.Weird things start happening in the D 'Costa's house hold.Jenny,the eldest daughter gets possessed every now and then.Why? Medical science has no cure.Ultimately it's exorcism,tantra- mantra and the like which controls her agony.
This is not all.By now the first resident's wife has got pregnant,her husband is now possessed,the devil is now after Sarah( the younger sis of Jenny).Why? Again non - medical therapy comes to their rescues.
Where the movie scores? The suddenness of the ' shocks' is scarry at times.VFX technology is well used.The performances are believable .Siddharth ( as the neuro surgeon Krish,husband of Lakshmi and the second tormented guy),Andrea Jeremiah( as Lakshmi),Atul Kulkarni( as Paul D'Costa,dad of two daughters Jenny and Sarah),Anisha Victor ( as Jenny) have all done justice to their roles.
Jenny,the 12th standard's crush on the married doc is plausible.
Medical science need not to be cure for those possessed.Even neuro surgery,hypnotherapy could fail.The tantriks could be acute for the superstitious minded.The rationalists would certainly question this.
It's difficult to change one's beliefs despite one being highly educated and well placed.In the instant case even the docs start believing in the non- medical cure for the possessed.
The only weakness one found was the regressive belief that unmarried daughters be sacrificed to beget a son.
All in all THND is engaging and food for thought.Not for the faint hearted who are unable to digest gory scenes.

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