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Hum Dono (Rangeen)

Hum Dono (Rangeen)

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Directed by : Amarjeet

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Mahesh Anand and Major Verma are in the army and both look-alike. When Major Verma is missing in action in Burma Campaign during World War II, believed dead during the battle, Mahesh is asked to convey this news to his family. Unable to break the news of Verma's death, Mahesh gets mistaken as Verma and is welcomed home which ...more


“Watch it for sheer nostalgia value and to catch Dev Anand on the big screen!”

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Yeh Rangeeniya

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Dev Anand a name that once ruled the silver screen, has now become a mockery on its own. A bad caricature of his own style. If you have a dad who is a Dev Anand fan then you grow up watching almost all of his films sometimes repeatedly. I have grown up like this and didnt realize when & how I too became a fan of Dev Anand.

Hum Dono was released in 1961 almost 4 years before Dev Anand went colour with Guide. A story set during the Second World War, the film is about two identical people in the army who meet and become close friends. After tragedy strikes one of them has to go to others house to give sad news but the family thinks he is the same guy. How this conflict is resolved is what the film is all about.

I dont remember watching it as a kid. So this is kind of my first viewing of the film. Earlier I used to think ke hum dono is about the two Dev Anand's, but after watching the movie I felt the hum dono in the film is Dev Anand & Sadhna. Sadhna is biutiful as the suffering girlfriend, who after Dev leaves to join the army, stays with his mother and takes care of him. Now, who creates characters like these nowadays? It could be because the writers cant see such people around them. Vijay Anand in his screenplay creates characters who are not at all grey. The only thing grey or black in the film is their destiny. Amarjeet the director directed three films in his life and all three had Dev Anand in it. This was the first one and what a fantastic performance he gets out of him. Though there were rumors that Vijay Anand had ghost directed the film.

The inner turmoil which Anand goes through is brilliantly captured and performed. Songs like main zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya ( which is my caller tune right now) & abhi naa jao chhodkar give goose pimples just for their sheer nostalgia. I dont know what the intention of this colorization of an old film is for, but if it is to find new audience then some films like this will have to look at a new cut also because todays audience does not have the patience to sit through a 2 hrs 44 mins film. Waiting for a day when multiplexes screen b/w classics on a regular basis.

Final few words: If you are in a mood to get nostalgic and do not mind the Rangeen (a title I hate and is the only thing that doesnt work for the film) and like me have not seen yesteryears Dev Anand on the big screen then heres probably your only chance to do that.

Rating : ***

Ticket Meter : Worth 150 buck. For sheer nostalgia value.

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