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Hum Tum Shabana

Hum Tum Shabana

2.7 259 Ratings

Directed by : Sagar Ballary

Release Date : | Length : 126 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.8/5
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Two guys, one girl, seem like a simple enough love triangle right? Wrong! There is nothing simple about this madcap story, especially when their rivalry to woo her lands them into a crazy contest of epic proportions. Soon enough, this battle to woo the girl turns into a desperate battle to lose the girl.


“Poor direction, confusing storyline, over the top acting and insipid dialogues form only a part of the lengthy list of flaws that Hum Tum Shabana comes with. A must skip!”

Hum Tum Shabana Box Office

  • Gross: INR 2.32 cr.
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Hum Tum Shabana Audience Review


Rated 1.0 / 5
by Mehul Suri (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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So Sagar Bellary has a third outing this year. And like its predecessors (Bheja Fry: 2 and Kaccha Limbo), Hum Tum Shabana also fails to deliver the promise Bellary made with his debut film. Nothing is right with the film. Poor direction and staging, over-the-top acting, flat dialogues and an inconsistent screenplay.

The first and the second halves of the film look like two completely different films. Not only does the story jump from the glamour world of beauty pageants to a pathetically non-funny criminal internship for the three protagonists; the characters themselves seem schizophrenic, oscillating between love and ambition loyalty and rivalry. Its absolute nonsense.

Minissha Lamba is painfully stupid and her well-intentioned bimbo act makes you feel sorry for her since she looks so cute on screen. Tusshar (hes dropped the surname) has worked up a muscle and acts in places. But I dont know if what he does is any better than the inane gibberish he employs in the Golmaal series. And what's with the colorful ganjis? Shreyas Talpade is not one of my favorite comic actors (though I must admit, albeit for various reasons that he was good in Welcome To Sajjanpur and 3 Thay Bhai). Many an actor have lost their way balancing good cinema with quick fix commercial stuff. I hope the potential Shreyas showed in Iqbal and Dor is not fast becoming an anomaly. Finally, Satish Kaushik pumps in energy in some of the scenes but there was only so much he could do with insipid dialogue and an overall lack of direction.

The opening scene where Tusshar and Talpade try and outrun each other to reach their office sets the tone of this film. The film lacks a certain depth, an overall motive and a firm vision. At best Hum Tum Shabana can be described as a bad David Dhawan film, which even in the nineties could guarantee you a few laughs. This one, not so much. The editing department best tries to salvage this baby with fancy cartoon-infused cutting. But its just glue in water. Everything falls apart.

The coming week is an exciting one at the box office with six small budget films releasing. This year has seen a particular trend with the audience rejecting frivolous smaller films and accepting big budget no-brainers with open arms. Even though the stakes are lower for the former, filmmakers must realize the expectations people have of small budget films with no stars to boot. But as they say, when you are down, you dust up and get right back on. Sagar Bellary needs to learn a lesson here before its too late. Even a cat has nine lives. You have used up three in a year.

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