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I Am Singh

I Am Singh

2.7 233 Ratings

Directed by : Puneet Issar

Release Date : | Length : 150 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.0/5
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I AM SINGH portrays the trials and tribulations of men whose stories were never highlighted. After the 9/11 tragedy in America, the Sikhs were targeted all over and were the victims of mistaken identity. The film highlights what happened to few such people and their fight against it, never losing the faith in the American jud...more


“I Am Singh comes with an interesting premise which gets wasted because of boring presentation, amateur acting, uninspiring dialogues and weird camera work. A must skip!”

I Am Singh Box Office

  • Gross: INR 0.37 cr.
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I Am Singh Audience Review

I am bored

Rated 1.0 / 5
by Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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I am Singh is a movie with good intentions but goes about fulfilling those intentions in the most boring and soporific manner possible.

The main thing that strikes you in the movie is the use of hands. All the actors look straight out of kindergarten as they use hand gestures to say even the simplest things like for e.g. My name is Ranjeet. They would have made great Bharatnatyam dancers given this penchant for abhinaya. The other thing that makes you cringe is the use of extreme close ups. Why would the Director (Puneet Issar) assume that I want to see his open pores or his nostril hair?

Told as a flashback, it talks about the hate crimes perpetrated against South Asians and Sikhs post the Twin Tower attacks. A Sikh man is killed by racists and his brother who was also present at the crime scene is put away in jail for the murder while the actual criminals go scot free aided by the police. The story traces the fight of the third brother to get justice. There are other hate crime stories also braided into the narrative such as of the Sardarjis Muslim pal who gets jailed due to mistaken identity or the Sikh cop who is suspended for refusing to discard his turban if he wants to continue to be a cop.

There are lots of mean looking idiotic foreigners beating up people and some foreign women who start wearing loud kurtis as a show of empathy for the Indians. Tulip Joshi and Puneet Issar are the only known faces. Tulip has a minor role and Puneet looking fat and haggard keeps showing up like God at the right time.

There is a lot of Punjabi English and long lectures on various topics such as the Sikh religion, the meaning of jehad, the Koran etc etc . I feel bad for those college folks who bunked classes only to come and hear lectures in the movie theatre.

The lessons in the movie are meant to be for the ill informed Americans. Dont see why you have to endure any of them really. Avoid.

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