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Directed by : Sudhir Mishra

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The film is about relationships. It discusses the shift in dynamics between a mentor and a trainee, when power, sex and greed are added to the equation.


“Inkaar is an entertaining but predictable film with fine chemistry between Arjun and Chitrangda. Watch it if you have time to kill.”

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Arjun Rampal

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  • Gross: INR 9.60 cr.
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What lies beneath

| by Smita Vyas Kumar |
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Inkaar is a drama about sexual harassment. What constitutes sexual harassment? When does flirtation become harassment? Does calling someone in office 'sexy' mean that you are coming on to her?

The movie explores all these questions pretty intelligently. But at the bottom of all the drama it is a story about love, hurt, anger and betrayal. And that to me was a bit of a dampener. I would have rather preferred it to be about workplace politics and the way men and women use the weapons at hand, such as sex, to achieve their ambitions or thwart someone else's.

Mala is Rahul's protxe9gxe9 in an ad agency and she quickly rises to the top under his tutelage. The long work hours and work trips lead to them falling in love, at least Mala does and when Rahul goes on to the next catch she is hurt. She gets transferred to Delhi and then movies on to New York where she is a huge success. The Company makes her a member of the Board and she doesn't tell Rahul who is the CEO, preferring it to come from her bosses. Does this make him angry or hurt? Is that why he becomes nasty? Is she insinuating that he is harassing her so that he is forced to leave and she can become the CEO?

A Board of enquiry led by a social worker starts peeling the onion to find out the real truth. And then the story shifts to the emotional side and loses steam on this count. However, the emotional drama is still very strong and gripping and leaves you pretty much exhausted at the end.

Arjun Rampal is first rate as Rahul. First, he is dishy and then he looks bugged and upset. Hard to not fall for that. Chitrangada looks gorgeous and puts in a great performance too. It's hard to carry off the body language of a younger person but she does that with ease in the flashbacks. The supporting cast is very good too. I loved seeing Deepti Naval again.

I recommend Inkaar. It's a thought provoking movie on a contentious issue at one level and at the same time proves to us that we beneath all our bravado and ambition, all we need is love.