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Directed by : Habib Faisal

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Two rival families, the Chauhans and the Qureshis, are seeking victory against each other in the upcoming elections. Parma, the uncouth and fearless grandson of the Chauhans, storms into the property of the Qureshis to take home the local nautch girl. A fight breaks out and Parma pulls out his gun at Zoya, the vigorous daught...more


“The film kicks off well and easily manages to entertain the audiences till the interval. The second half is predictable but Parineeti Chopra and her mind-boggling performance save the film. A decent watch!”

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Arjun Kapoor


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  • Gross: INR 46.39 cr.
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Ishaqzaade Audience Review

One good half story

| by Manu Agrawal |
Rated 2.5 / 5
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Watching IshaqZaade is like expecting a souffle and being handed a softy instead. The film starts off with a bang, but ends with a whimper. I watched it with high hopes, anticipating something great from the teasers and Habib Faisal but was somewhat disappointed.

Ishaqzaade is a re-treated Laila Majnu story, in a warlike setting. Parma (Arjun Kapoor) is a brat and a bully who runs the show for his grandfather Surya Chauhan, a political bigwig routed to be the next MLA from an imaginary district Almore. Zoya (Parineeti) is the brash daughter of the sitting MLA. Both of them brandish guns and tongues without restraint, and almost suddenly fall in love. One number lovemaking scene and twist later, the pursuit begins, with both families baying for the lovers' blood.

The film is excellent in terms of acting, Direction, cinematography and locations. Both the lead actors do full justice to their roles. While Parineeti has played a brash character in her previous flick, Arjun Chopra looks quite ruthless with his evil laugh in the first half and completely believable. I wish they had stretched his wilder streak longer. The dialogues match their looks and the western U.P. setting, and so do the locations - the bungalows and the open terraces. Habib Faisal has done his homework right here.

What failed for me is the super-cliched story with the feuding families and stereotyped roleplaying. The good hearted nautch girl and the dukhiyaari maa are both so passe. The Director also blows off a chance to develop a fresh new story that he creates for himself to come up with a predictable ending. Had he pursued that chance, the film would have been a trendsetter of some sorts. Instead, Faisal believes that the twist left his film offtrack and in coming back, he fudges up the character development of both his protagonists to points of no return.

In the end, Ishaqzaade turns out to be two different stories which have been put together in the middle. The first one was refreshing, the second one old school.

Whether to recommend or not - Mai pareshan, pareshan, pareshan !