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Ishk Actually

Ishk Actually

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Directed by : Anish Khanna

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Gia is at a crossroads in her life, with the arrows pointing towards Neil in one direction and Kabir in the opposite direction. She grapples with making a decision as she's torn between the two worlds that she's been living in. Love is the unanswered emotion that leads to a series of life altering situations . Amazed at life’...more


“Ishk Actually offers nothing except bad content with hardly anything to salvage this debacle. Skip it.”

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Rajeev Khandelwal


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  • Gross: INR 0.34 cr.
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Why Rajeev Why?

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When Aamir released, I was thrilled to bits to see a guy who made an unconventional debut, killed it & went to media about how he doesnt want to do the run of the mill crap. Then he started doing crap. I was heart-broken. Ishk Actually is one of those insanely bad films that will make you want to find the producers and ask them why they funded it.

A girl likes a guy but also likes her wedding planner. She's confused whom she wants and that makes her take some life altering decisions. The first half plays on the premise while the second jump cuts from scene to scene, eventually confusing you as to why an editor wasn't approached to help make it a more logical narrative.

The music actually has a couple of great songs, one featuring Arjit Singh, and is better than Besharam's OST.

Of the actors, Rayo is as confused as a baby in a topless bar while Rajeev tries hard to salvage something that would never have been worth watching.

I again come to back the important question, why are you reading this review. Secondly, why are such movies made?

Movies like Super se Ooper dong get the release they deserve and films like this are plastered all over the city.

Abysmal, crap, bullshit, aaah you get the point.

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