Ishkq in Paris

Ishkq in Paris

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Directed by : Prem Raj

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  • Critics Rating 1.9/5
  • MJ Rating 2.3/5
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Ishkq and Akash don't believe in love but their chance encounter in Paris leads to a series of events that could change their outlook on love.


“Ishkq in Paris is a hopeless romance and a disappointing comeback for Preity Zinta. Skip it.”

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Preity Zinta


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  • Gross: INR 1.89 cr.
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Ishkq in Paris Audience Review

Yawwwwnnn fest in Paris

Rated 2.0 / 5

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What do you do if you are on the verge of being a has been actress? You write and produce a film for yourself and try to forcefully bring back the good old days of stardom. Preity Zinta tries to make a comeback to movies after a gap of 4 years. She writes a story which is a boring and bad rehash of before sunrise and chooses a co actor ( Rhehan Malliek) who also makes another attempt to make it in Bollywood. To add to that she ropes in a director ( Prem Soni) who made his debut with a dud called main aur mrs khanna.

Ishkq ( Priety Zinta)and Akash ( Rhehan Malliek) meet on a train headed to Paris. Ishkq is a Parisian and Akash is from London. They spend a night together in Paris promising to not meet again. A dice bought from Chunky Pandey( one scene act) becomes the tool for the screenplay's 1st half. What happens after the one night in paris? Same old pyar mohabbat tales.

Even at a running time of 96 mins this film is a yawn fest. The only way to entertain yourself is to ignore the two leads in the foreground and focus on Paris in the background. Not that Gaurav Chanana renamed Rhehan Malliek and Priety Zinta are bad but a film like this required stars that can carry the film on their shoulders maybe then the amateur and lazy writing would have been forgiven.

This film is a lesson to self obsessed stars that when the time comes to hang up your boots do it in style or switch gears. Hopefully Priety Zinta's next move would be a well thought one.

Word of mouth - Ishkq in Paris has only Paris worth looking at. The rest of it is best forgotten.

Rating - ** (pretty awful - best avoided)

Ticket meter - not worth a theatre visit