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Directed by : V. K. Prakash

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It's time to experience unconditional love...

Ishqedarriyaan Credit & Casting

Evelyn Sharma

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  • Gross: INR 1.24 cr.
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Georgia has been through a hell of a couple of centuries. Mongols, Ottomans, Persians marauding through the lands, the Soviet years, coups and now the Richest Indian In The World marching in and asking people to stop watching football on his dollra, sorry Georgian lari. Matlab tumhara T20 "India Ka Tehwar" aur hamara footbaal match tchh. But after promising half of Georgia and their cabbies, that dou din economy up; our hero is up and running back to India.

So Agam Diwan (Mahaakshay Chakraborty) plays a billionaire's billionaire and the latest in the long line of 'hatela' rich men jaisa ke the illustrious Edward Lewis from Pretty Woman (Richard Gere paying someone to spend a week with him, shopping /dining/TA and DA alag) and John Gage (Indecent Proposal. Robert Redford and a million dollars in the red corner and in the blue corner we have Woody Harrelson...seriously the very notion of competition is indecent) also Christian Grey in more recent times. But the Richest Indian and his sadomasochistic mind games are winning here. You know a billionaire who gets his kicks from 'mehboob ki shaadi mai shamianay lagana' , who will transfer US$ 250 million to his beloved's money hungry father in law so Evil Pa in Law looks kindly towards the young lovers but will shell out a miserly INR 25 lakh as"Secret Santa" charity to save her dream project. She is ghareeb and khuddaar na. And according to Poor Little Rich Boy's logic when these honest sorts get a windfall they may just pass out of happiness. So yes , as I was saying Hatela Billionaire v4.0.

Richest Indian Shmuck , Simpering Head Masterni, Aspiring Rocker, Evil Girl Friend, Sidekick and Evil Pa In Law, and a cast of despairing school kids and all of Georgia could have been spared of so much heartache and the poor audience this assault on their senses (and the constant whispering Ye Himesh Nahi Hai Kiya?) if Hatela Billionaire v4.0 had spent even 20 thousand on a decent private investigator. Well then, if Mithun cant spend a few bucks on a decent script for his son rather than these elaborate naamakarans for his son every now and then...who are we to suggest anything, hainji?

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