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3.4 105 Ratings

Directed by : Abhishek Chaubey

Release Date : | Length : 118 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 3.3/5
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Passionate and twisted is the story of the trio - Khalujaan, Babban and the temptress Krishna.

Ishqiya Credit & Casting

Naseeruddin Shah

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  • Gross: INR 22.11 cr.
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Ishqiya Audience Review

FUN & PUN on the RUN

Rated 3.5 / 5
by Ankur Pathak (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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An attractive Krishna ( Vidya Balan) with those Indian curves and seducing charm welcomes you before the opening credits. And from that moment onwards, starts a series of extra ordinary dialogues penned by our very own Vishal Bharadwaj, which continues throughout, matched up by a thick plot and an exceptional cinematography by Mohana Krishna.

Yes, Get ready for a bold, sleazy and a unusual Ishqiya which will actually pull you inside the messed up lives of Babban (Arshad warsi), Khalujan (Naseeruddin Shah) & Krishna. On the run from their Boss, Babban & Khalujan seek a bit of solace at an old friends house in Gorakhpur only to find his widowed wife Krishna.
Little do they realize the series of the perils ahead, as head honcho turns up for cash, threaten them for their lives & from there starts a tale of mind-games sliced up with panic & anxiety to chop a foolproof plan to get through, which ofcourse, here is fully capable of failure.

The latest entrant to the brigade of young talent in film-making is Abhishek Chaubey from the Bharadwaj bandwagon who doesnt show the slightest trace of being a new-comer, mind the pre-climax conversation scene between Krishna & Verma, the frustration emitted by Naseeruddin Shah post-kidnapping.
Also, would like to add the comic timing given which of all doesnt divert the plot or creates unnecessary non-sense just for the laughter sake.

The characterization & their development ( read Mustaq Bhai, Nandu & Koo-Koo) right from the casting to their witty punch lines is a major add-on which gives this tale a fresh, unique & a atypical avatar.

Music will take away your soul & you will continue to hum Dil To Baccha Hai even when you loo after the closing credits.

To sum it up all, the whacky bold lingo, the setting at Gorakhpur with a authentic background of local tribes & communities & less-known-but-super-rich politicians & tycoons creates the much needed atmosphere & takes our cinema to a more mature level. Arshad Warsi has raised his own bar & gets inside the head of Babban very distinct from his circuit image as the lust-full young lover who doesnt miss a chance ,whereas veteran Naseeruddin Shah sticks to the Golden lover who celebrates on just being called jaan
But, creating a landmark in her tray of distinct movies is Vidya Balan who is a powerful Krishna, mastering the perfect Gorakhpurya accent & carries the much needed rusty glamour, if that can be something.
To pin-point, the climax couldve been a little less crowded thus avoiding a dj vu feeling of Kaminey, & more connecting. A college going teenager was heard commenting End me kya hota hai ? This couldve taken care of by a less-complicated story line towards the end.
ISHQIYA is a genre in itself, a rare combination of all that comprises of Bollywood... with a very classic veteran Indian-Villager feel ...directed carefully inch by inch by debutante Abhishek Chaubey ...& executed flawleslly by the Ensemble Of Stars - Get out of the House & have a %&^$# sulphate of a Week End

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