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Jab Harry Met Sejal

Jab Harry Met Sejal

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Directed by : Imtiaz Ali

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Imtiaz Ali presents this romantic tale in his own style and this time with Shah Rukh Khan by his side. Jab Harry Met Sejal stars Anushka Sharma alongside SRK. Playing a tourist guide, Harry played by SRK meets Sejal (Anushka) who's on a travelling voyage to find the lost ring that her fiancee had gifted her. While Harry is he...more


“Jab Harry Met Sejal is when the movie didn't meet your expectations!”

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Love in Europe

Rated 4.0 / 5
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Please carry a hand fan when you go to see Jab Harry met Sejal. SRK is so outstanding in this movie that if you measured the temperature in the movie hall you would be convinced a heat wave has hit Mumbai. He was pretty cool in Dear Zindagi but the romantic SRK is who we love and he gives us that part of him in spades in the movie.

The story hangs on a rather slim hook of a missing ring. Sejal, a rich Gujarati girl comes to Europe on a conducted tour with her family and fiance and loses the heirloom ring he gives her. He gets very upset about it and she decides to stay back and look for the ring. She enlists the help of the tour guide Harry, a jaded womanizing Panju who resents having to accompany her on this harebrained mission. Well, you put a cute girl and a dishy guy together in Europe and what do you expect. Cupid strikes and refuses to listen to logic or reason.

The first half of the movie is action packed with some comedy and songs as the romance blooms between the couple. The second half in typical Imtiaz Ali style becomes a bit more intense. At this point it also becomes a bit to stretchy with too many serious scenes that drag out the same point. But yet, they are needed. You need to explore the despair to feel the ecstasy later and I guess that is what he is aiming at.

I have waxed eloquent already about SRK so won't go on about him. I had a bowlful of drool at the end of the movie is all I will say. Anoushka is a perfect match for him and their chemistry sizzles and sparks. Her effusive nature suits the role and her perfect Gujju accent is endearing and natural.

There are also shades of Queen in this movie where you see Sejal discovering herself while on the trip. She figures she is not such a 'good' girl after all and wants to be celebrated as a real woman who is engaged in her sexuality and not just viewed as a perfect and nice porcelain vase. So often as women we are caught up with what society thinks of us that we are afraid to celebrate our bodies and desires. Sejal slowly gets there and that process is interesting and rewarding to see.

JHMS is a good entertainer at the end of the day and that is what counts. Go with a loved one, share your Coke and popcorn and sigh over finding both love and lust at the same time. Can take kids (even though the last sentence has lust in it!)

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