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Jai Gangaajal

Jai Gangaajal

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Directed by : Prakash Jha

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Jai Gangaajal stars Priyanka Chopra as SP Abha Mathur who is appointed the first female SP of Bankipur district, Bihar. She then goes against the Local MLA of Bankipur (Manav Kaul) and henchmen of Lakhisarai district. The film is directed by Prakash Jha who also plays a crucial role in the film.


“Jai Gangaajal keeps you engaged despite being a routine Prakash Jha film.”

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Priyanka Chopra


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Jai Gangaajal Review-Dramatic but predictable

Rated 3.0 / 5
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Jai Gangaajal is a Prakash Jha movie through and through with him also playing a pivotal role in the film as a corrupt cop B.N. Singh.

The story doesn't deviate from the template very much. It is set in Bihar, a mileu where Jha is very much at ease. There is a corrupt local leader whose brother tries to grab land from the local farmers for a company that wants to set up a power plant there. Families that refuse to sell are intimidated and bullied. The poltiician's goons run amok in the area and the Police are completely under their control. Enter Abha Mathur as the new SP of the District. The story is basically a face-off between the politician and the committed SP with the added story of the corrupt cops turning over a new leaf.

The movie takes time to set up the stage but by the interval has you pretty much in it's grip. Post interval it flags for a tiny bit again before picking up tempo and ending with a kind of predictable climax. The interesting part of the movie is where the SP at one point almost sides with the goons in her quest for not letting society slide into lawlessness when the local public start hanging the politicans and terming them as suicides. That focus gives the character a strong identity and fortifies the story.

The character of Abha Mathur is aggressive and decisive but seems a bit too reactive. In almost all the instances she arrives at the scene after a crime has occurred. It ges a bit too repititive to see her getting out of her car, surveying the mess and then issuing orders. A truly smart SP would have anticipated the moves of the enemy and been there to catch them on the backfoot. That would have made Abha Mathur not only a brave cop but also a very clever one and raised the movie a notch higher.

The action scenes are well done and Priyanka is in top form wielding a lathi, smashing her fists into faces and kicking crotches. She need not have squinted so hard and narrowed her eyes so much to look fierce though. Prakash Jha as the corrupt cop B.N. Singh who finally comes through is quite wonderful. The civilized language and polished face masks a corrupt man and Jha gradually lets the mask crumble letting us see the human behind the greedy cop. His conversion is not an epiphany but rather a slow dawning of his own integrity. Manav Kaul as Babloo Pandey makes a good politican but it's Ninad Kamat as his brother W Pandey, the land grabber who stands out in his role.

Jai Gangaajal is an engrossing though not entirely gripping movie. It sticks to the story and doesn't distract us with an item number or a softer, emotional Abha Mathur. Its depiction of mob psychology is pretty good and characters such as B. N. Singh make it go beyond the predictability of the story. I think it could have gone far beyond this but I guess getting a strong female character like Abha Mathur should satisfy my desire for the time being. Worth a watch.

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