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Jai Ho! Democracy

Jai Ho! Democracy

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A political satire, the film takes a comic look at the way the powers-that-be love to procrastinate and maintain status quo, unfazed by the gravity of situations at hand. It explores the hilarity of the levels to which the media can go to sensationalize issues. It also gives a message of hope to peace through a glimpse of a U...more

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Om Puri

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Fast and funny

Rated 3.0 / 5
by Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Democracy ki Jai ho is short, fast and snappy. The film is more like a satirical play with two sets. The edited shots seen during the end credits tell us that a lot of ruthless editing went on which is a good thing as it keeps the movie focused and well paced.

A hen wanders into the No Mans Land area at the LoC between India and Pakistan. Who does it belong to? Both countries think its theirs and India sends a Jawan into the area to retrieve it. He gets stuck there with the hen with all guns trained on him. Should the Indian army launch an offensive? The Defense Minister, busy with her bags and shoes (guess who?) refuses to take a decision and forms a Parliamentary Committee. The stage is set. One part of the film follows the action on the border, the other part follows the shenanigans of the Committee members as they debate passing a Bill on defense matters.

The film has a very good screenplay and the dialogues and action get really funny at times. Only towards the end does the farce degenerate into slapstick at the Parliamentary end which makes it a bit too over the top. The resolution at the Border is pretty well done.

The ensemble cast which has a few well known actors like Annu Kapoor (hamming it up deliciously as a Tamilian), Om Puri as an ageing sulking politician, Satish Kaushik and others keep the action under control and provide some great laughs.

This is fun little movie to catch in between lunch and your evening sundowner. If you enjoy watching the farce that Indian democracy can be sometimes you will get your kicks out of this one.

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