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Directed by : Nila Madhab Panda

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The film portrays the journey of a brother and sister to their father's village.


“Jalpari is a children's film which successfully combines an adult message without being preachy or boring. A one time watch.”

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Parvin Dabas

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An adventurous tale

Rated 3.0 / 5
by Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Jalpari is a childrens movie with an adult message and it manages to combine the two quite well without being preachy or boring.

The movie follows the adventure of Shreya and Sam in their native village where their dad wants to build a hospital. Shreya is crazy about mermaids and wants to learn to swim in a village pond. Only, there is no water found anywhere in the village. Her quest for a pond takes her to a witch's house and then she makes some startling discoveries about why the village has no girls.

The movie is a bit slack in its pace though there is enough action and adventure in the story that could have made it zippier. That may make it a bit slow for the kids who are watching it. However the scary bits are quite scary and there is a very fleeting scene of a foetus floating on the water which I am not sure was needed in a kid movie. The end of the movie is rather tame given the magnitude of the discovery. There could have been more on how the village boys now learn to respect her as an equal and we see a change in their attitude towards girls. But the parting voice over makes it just a story about Shreyas adventure.

The acting is good on all fronts. Parveen Dabas as the dad is easy going and relaxed and Suhasini Mulay as the grandmom is sweet. The kids are very natural with their mix of English and Hindi and show no self-consciousness. Even the village kids are great.

This movie is appropriate for kids above 8. They will identify with the siblings easily and also understand the message that girls are equal to boys and should be treated as such. Take them.

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