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Directed by : Sanjay Gupta

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Marking the comeback of Aishwarya Rai in style, Jazbaa is a thriller directed by Sanjay Gupta. The film also stars Irrfan Khan in a prominent role.


“What could have been a decent taut thriller, is undone by excess of drama.”

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Irrfan Khan

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Of red eyes and tears

Rated 3.0 / 5
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Jazbaa is Aishwarya's comeback film and Sanjay Gupta has not spared any effort in making a big splash for her. From the all black outfits that show off her slim silhouette to enough dramatic scenes that give her a chance to show off her acting chops, the movie tries to showcase what the lady always had- good looks and average acting talent. It was very brave of Ash to pit herself against Shabana and Irrfan and she manages sort of ok with a lot of help from generous doses of red eye drops.

Anuradha Verma is a successful lawyer who wins cases for criminals because they pay as opposed to poor people who can't afford her fees. She is also a single mom to a 9 year old. Her daughter gets kidnapped by a person who tells her that if she wants her daughter back alive she has to fight the case of a man who is to be hanged for rape and murder. Yohan is a cop who is accused of corruption and suspended. He is also Anu's friend and secretly in love with her. Together they have to find the real murderer and also save the child. Can they do it?

The script could have been tighter and done without the preachy bits about female foeticide etc. I agree these are necessary social messages but a child is about to get killed and it somehow doesn't seem like the right time for the heroine to launch a little speech on the Beti Bachao Abhiyan. There are times when the going gets a bit sluggish and boring because of excessive talking but overall the movie progresses at a decent pace.

The other thing that bugged me was that there are too many bloopers and illogical events that have no place in a first class thriller. Every action, every happening has to be fool proof and accounted for with reason. Maybe, the important joining bits got cut away in the editing. (As you can see I am in a benevolent state of mind today).

The third thing that I found a bit funny was the over dramatic almost melodramatic reactions of the actors in some of the scenes. Subtlety can achieve far more than screams and tears but then Mrs. Bachhan may need more that red eye drops A bit of a problem there I guess.

Irrfan gets the best dialogues in the film though they are the kinds that Amitabh used to spout. (Told you the movie was too OTT) But he had the audience whistling and laughing in the way he used them. Slowly and with great relish. He is cool and delivers a killer line at the end. Shabana Azmi as the mother of the murdered girl is controlled in her portrayal. Aishwarya looks good in black suits and fancy boots and does the best she can.

This is a decent entertainer. Fortunately, there are no songs the story has enough twists to keep you engaged if not engrossed for it's two-hour duration. It is worth a one-time watch on a slow weekend while you save up your breath and stamina for dandiya.

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