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Jeet Lengey Jahaan

Jeet Lengey Jahaan

2.7 385 Ratings

Directed by : Lalit Bisht

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  • MJ Rating 1.8/5
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Jeet Lengey Jahaan is about today's youngsters who are starving to achieve their goals in life. It shows how they get trapped into our corrupt system and face adverse circumstances and finally find themselves helpless and how they fight against it by their own ways.


“Amateur treatment and bad acting ruin the well-intentioned film. Skip it!”

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Goldy Sumal


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  • Gross: INR 0.06 cr.
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Banana Republic

Rated 1.0 / 5

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Should a movie be judged by its “good intentions” or the art by which it has been assembled? In the case of 'Jeet Lengey Jahaan' no matter how you may perceive the intentions of the makers, it cannot escape criticism for the shoddy, amateur manner in which it has been put together.

The movie attempts to funnel a ton of issues into the lives of three friends, trying to reflect some sort of socio-political image of India as a whole and what the youth can do about it. Not exactly the most original idea but if treated well then an impact can be achieved. If not then the only thing you'll be hitting are the right notes to orchestrate a symphony of unintentional laughter and mind numbing groans. The movie most of the time thanks to its ham-fisted approach manages the second despite some pretty nasty and serious happenings onscreen.

Everything about the movie is amateurish, right from the acting to the writing to the technical aspects. Plus why do movies like these which try and show the psyche of the youth, rarely manage to show authenticity. Stereotypes abound in droves, despite tackling some inconvenient truths, the movie chooses to paint characters and situations in simplistic colours of black and white; there are no gray areas at all.

Though my heart bleeds for the smaller guy and more so for people who put out a product spending a ton of money for it to see the light of the day, an inferior product cannot be defended. My advice to you is to avoid this movie.

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