Jo Dooba So Paar - It's Love in Bihar!

Jo Dooba So Paar - It's Love in Bihar!

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Directed by : Praveen Kumar

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Kesu, whos been kicked out of school, begins to assist his father in truck driving. Kesu negotiates his job in his own quirky, head-on, street smart manner. And then this Bihari boy falls in love with an American girl Sapna. The odds are heavily against Kesu - her rich protective upper caste uncle, his own temperamental fathe...more


“An intriguing plot ruined by random editing leaves the audiences with a sense of ambiguity. Avoid this one!”

Jo Dooba So Paar - It's Love in Bihar! Credit & Casting

Vinay Pathak

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Jo Dooba So Paar - It's Love in Bihar! Audience Review

Jo dooba so dead

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Jo dooba so par, Its love in Bihar had the potential of becoming an interesting story.

The film is set in small town Bihar where a school dropout lives with his family and works on a truck with his father. Enter an American girl who is doing some research on Madhubani paintings. A la Raja Hindustani he falls in love with her, wears a funny hat and goes to woo her. He impresses her with his knowledge of the paintings and she makes him her guide. Then her boyfriend shows up, our man is heartbroken and the girl warned against him by her doctor uncle who warns her that a Bihari man in live is a dangerous animal. She gets kidnapped by Naxalites and then after some action the story ends sort of ambiguously. There is also a side story of an alcoholic cop who has never got a promotion and who ignores the girl who is in love with him.

The locale is authentic, the accent and language ring true and the star cast looks appropriately country yokelish. But the story is too patchy to make any sense. Why is the cop ignoring the girl? You sense that there must have been a back story to explain his moroseness but the editing chops it out. Similarly, for the main hero. Though we see enough of him we dont enter his life really. Again, there are things that seem to have been chopped out to make the film tighter. All this choppiness leaves you with a sense of unease and incompleteness that robs the film of the potential I talked about.

There is a song with a nice folksy beat but thats about it in that department. On the acting front, the lead actor Anand Tiwari, has a passionate romantic attitude that does well for the character . His pals give a good version of what rural India does for amusement in its spare time. Rajat Kapoor as the suave cop plays up the contrast well. The American girl obviously worked for free, since no one could have paid for that kind of bad acting.

All in all, a pointless kind of movie. In spite of having a good story to work with, the writer cum Director has failed to flesh it out well. Avoid.