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Directed by : Sanjay Gupta

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Collaborating for the first time, Kaabil brings filmmaker Sanjay Gupta and Hrithik Roshan together in a thriller drama that's crafted around revenge. Produced by Rakesh Roshan, Kaabil is the story of Rohan who's enroute to avenge the death of his loved one. Rohan, who has been blind since birth is only driven by vengeance so ...more


“Hrithik’s riveting act renders this good story into a must watch experience!”

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Kaabil Review- Visually challenged Hrithik demolishes the bad men one by one

| by Madan Mohan Marwah |
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Fairly engaging fare once you settle down but don't go into much logic. The very concept of a totally blind person using his wits to destroy all those who had wronged his wife appears far fetched but if you are the type who throws up his hands and says what the heck, its only a movie then this is the film for you. I found it hard to digest.hunk Hrithik courting Yami Gautam in style ( both in glamorous clothes) and both giving an almost perfect western dance performance to boot. How a dubbing artist could imitate the voice of the  bad characters and pit them agaist each other is the main plot. Hrithik maintains his cool while the villain and his henchmen slowly but surely move towards their death one by one as they fight one another. There are quite a few unbelievable  and implausible situations which defy logic. The plot is as old as the hills with a twist that the protagonist is blind. I am reminded of a vendetta film of the 50s where the blurb said " For what they did to the woman he loved, he killed them one by one". This very much sums up the plot of the plot of the film. Hrithik has acted well . Yami Gautam is adequate in a small role/