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Directed by : Wilson Louis

Release Date : | Length : 79 Minutes

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Set in the deserts of Jaisalmer this supernatural thriller is shot in scorching daylight at the peak of summer. Based on a folktale, the story of Kaalo revolves around a desert witch by the same name.


“A ghisi-piti movie. Must skip!”

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Swini Khara

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  • Gross: INR 0.59 cr.
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Bach Lo

Rated 1.0 / 5
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Quick question: What's day horror?
Quicker answer: A bhoot who doesn't wait for pooranmaasi ki raat to kill you. This one's ekdum dabangg - it will attack you during daytime itself.

Day horror is good. It doesn't strain the eyes, and you get to see the ghoul in better light, which is proof that the film maker didnt cut corners while using special effects/graphics/makeup. One really appreciable film in this genre is 'The Hills have eyes', which seems to have provided an iota of inspiration for 'Kaalo'. The abandoned vehicle, the isolated district, and hungry, blood thirsty monsters. The similarity, and the appreciation both end here.

My first guess was that the Director wished to do a 'Hills Have eyes' here. But that would have been too much for Indian audiences (and the Censor board). Also, a cute,feisty little girl in a horror film. Then I thought he might be thinking of doing a 'Makdee'. It seems he ended up somewhere in between, drawing aspects from both the genres, but satisfying viewers of none.

Kaalo is a witch who kills young girls for blood to stay immortal (all witches do that, whats new? Perhaps that this witch is 'winged' and manlike). She was buried long, long back in the town Kulbaata, but some idiots dug her up again (boring old story). Enter a bus with suspicious people - a man carrying dynamite, a young girl all-alone, a fancy photographer and a model, lusty men, Gufi Paintal with wife). All of 'em are side snacks for the witch, who intends to feast on the young girl in the end.

Problems galore. Apart from the ghisi-piti story and the absence of any stars, one wonders how the Director planned to rope in viewers. The witch makeup can at best be called juvenile, and you can do better at home with the help of Halloween makeup websites. The horror is expected to come from the murders, which is no longer a novelty after umpteen such movies. The climax is ineffective and there is no suspense. The characters have weak alibis (a girl sent alone to her grandma's home - these are dangerous times, where people evoke more terror in girls than ghosts) and some sequences are at best laughable. The young girl (Swini Khara) tries hard to impress, but has clearly seen better direction and acting (Cheeni Kum). The cinematography amidst a desert environ is okay.

Skippable. The Petrol Price hike news evoked much more horror this week.

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