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Directed by : Subhash Ghai

Release Date : | Length : 151 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.9/5
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Kaanchi is a story of the inner power of a woman who represents millions of suppressed rural youth against injustice in the country.


“Although watchable due to its patriotic intentions, Kaanchi is a typical Subhash Ghai film without the magic and too much melodrama which doesn't rise above the ordinary. Skip it, for old times' sake.”

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  • Gross: INR 3.86 cr.
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Rated 1.5 / 5
by Aneela Zeb (219 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Kanchi (the film) appears to be a vanity project, Mr Ghai now entering the Dev Anand--post 90s phase of his career. Rok sake tou rok lo but I am going to call in some favours and two of your beloved icons are going to join me on this journey. And while I am at it I am going to, or rather the silly meme Kambal Ke Neeche, is going to cannibalize all of your favourite Ghai songs.

Chalo I hope the three week Escape to Hill Country package worked well for Rishi ji and MithunDa. Though Rish ji's intro as he strums Monty ke dil Ke Taar baar baar and two nubile young women bite suggestively into a sandwich . Arey wah!

Kanchi (the girl) and her young lover start out by playing a couple with a lot of pluck and spirit (unfortunately in a movie that has no heart); though it quickly becomes clear that Kanchi has considerable anger issues, I fear what they are putting in the water nowadays--here are these young people so eager to be frolicking in the water and swimming commando; I suspect it is mercury poisoning and not generational angst.

Seriously after the disastorous fate of many of the 90s redux films this past year , I thought certain stories had been finally retired but Ghai insists on pretending the 90s weree great, and hey I am going to bring the wardrobe back again. That white bandeau sarong ensemble, anyone?

So the villains in this film do what they did all these years. Road kill jis ne hamare piyar se piyar kiya. Distraught father of the groom starts talking to picture on wall. We wait for heroine to jump off the cliff so Punar Janam Karz Part 2 can start but then she decides to take on the " system" . No wait, she does just jump off the cliff; but only as that seems the simplest way to get to Mumbai.

In Mumbai she does what young, simple village women do when they want to exact revenge on Mumbaikers. Become model / singer types and feed bad guy to crocodiles. Nah, she becomes a maid in the Evil Rich Family's house. But you know Evil Rich Family with solid Indian values. Evil Rich People, so they make the maids wear uniforms, but Indian values so make them sleep on the floor with standard issue chador . Evil Rich People, so will have CCTV cameras and guards but solid Indian values so plastic ki balti in bathroom , keeping all the Kabadi Ka Saaman on the roof, so useful when your maid goes all Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon on the scion of the family.

Kanchi could have made for an excellent TV play for we could have had a chance to change the channel. It is a bit difficult to do that in the theater for there is some time for Revolver Rani to start screening.

Ghai in the pre release publicity material had announced how this movie is how he sees the youth today and young women should let him know regards his take on their generation.

In short aaj kal ke bache, are domestic help that secretly films videos, progressing to "hostesses" using their feminine wiles on aging Lotharios. Let mummy believe you are dead, and when she does find you, allow mummy to chase you down the streets of Mumbai, making her run after your BEST BUS nearly becoming Road Kill, jaisa ke happened to your fiance. Later these young women

holles their game plan on a Mumbai road so the bad guys eavesdrop. And let it all

end with a candle march and dudes on guitars singing in the rain, while you return mission accomplished to wear 3 yard dupattas in the hills. Sigh! They dont make those gaon ki chorhis like they used to be.

That Adil Hussain soliloquy, by the way. Best. I could have watched him on a loop for the two and a half hours.

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