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Kabir Singh

Kabir Singh

3.7 5,944 Ratings

Directed by : Sandeep Vanga

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The Hindi remake of the superhit Telegu movie Arjun Reddy, the movie follows the story of Kabir Singh a young doctor who turns down a path of self-destruction after his lover marries another man

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Shahid Kapoor


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Drinking, drug taking, foul mouthed doctor loves meek girl student in this love story

Rated 3.5 / 5
by Madan Mohan Marwah (8,083 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Sample these scenes from the film
1. An internee doctor ( Shahid Kapoor) is a full blown alcoholic, chain smoker, foul mouthed and takes drugs while on duty.
2. He does not ever get reported for being drunk on duty, because the nurses like him, whatever it means. His superiors also don't seem to have taken any action against him.
3. He takes a liking for a girl ( Kiara Advani) who is junior, and he goes to class to announce that nobody should befriend her because " She is mine" !
4. He takes her to the boy's hostel and she stays with him in his room. She follows him meekly like a lamb. He is teaching her the subjects in the curriculum. You see and they are friends with benefits. Got it ?
(All the above reads like the wishes of a senior doctor " What all I wanted to do in the medical college but couldn't ".)
So far our young doctor is lucky and doesn't get rusticated. But the girl's parents ( Sikh family) refuse his offer of marriage. Can't blame them, since no self respecting family would agree to hand over their daughter to a character like him. After getting rejected in marriage this young doctor gets into a downward spiral of more alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. He is on the path of self destruction. His father, brother and his friend want to help him but of no avail. He also gets friendly with an actress and very soon puts in an indecent proposal to her , he wants to get physical with her. He appears to be addicted to sex too.This doesn't work out for some reason. At last the law catches up with him,and his licence is cancelled for 5 years. Some surprises take place to lead to an interesting climax.
Director Sameer Vanga must get credit for his work specially for extracting powerhouse performances from Shahid and Kiara. Clearly the director has shaped up the second half better. Shahid gets under the skin of the complex character and probably gives his best performance till date. Kiara also has acted well. In the climatic scenes both Shahid and Kiara have acted very well indeed.
On the whole this is a watchable film where the hero is an anti hero and doing all anti hero stuff. There is enough of emotions in the film.
This film should have a special disclaimer.
" All doctors are informed that this is a work of fiction. Drinking, smoking and taking drugs are very injurious to your and patient's health. It may lead to cancellation of licence and imprisonment "

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