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Directed by : Anurag Singh

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The story of 21 brave soldiers of the Sikh regiment who fought an army of 6000 tribesmen from Afghanistan in 1897


“With exhilarating action and engaging characters, Kesari is a must watch”

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Akshay Kumar


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Rated 4.0 / 5
by Rahul Bharadwaj (13,020 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Kesari matches its hype. In fact it delivers more than that. It has a screenplay which is written with a maturity that will surprise you. Nationalist cinema is no longer jingoistic , it delivers patriotism with a big sense of pragmatism. The biggest indicator of this is in the opening scene of Kesari when Akshay’s Hawaldar Ishar Singh explains the geo political scenario of the then Saragarhi to his fellow soldier with a real brilliant miyan,biwi and kazi parallels.
Kesari has everything which big canvas should have. Super action which gets underlined by Akshay’s solid command of action which refuses to wane. Mesmerising visuals of the geography of Saragarhi and dialogues which are rich,deep and drive the mood of this movie. My favourite was “kisan hoon mitti se rishta bana hi loonga”
The inter character chemistry particularly the one between Akshay Kumar and the bigoted Kazi is pure cinematic wowness and then there are subplots of tension particularly the cat and mouse battle between Akshay and the enemy sniper who has a very feminine way of dressing up.
The biggest victory that Anurag Singh scores is that despite being a debutant director and the whole story being known to all of us beforehand he keeps us interested in the proceedings with the twist and turns .My favourite stand out scene was the way Hawaldar Ishar Singh gets the nemesis of that unnamed victim afghan woman.
Kesari also has some brilliant comic moments particularly the one when a frustrated soldier walks in to rant with his fellow musically inclined soldier room mate who always plays sad tunes all the time on his instrument.
Slowly you develop a liking for all the 21 sikh soldiers too who are different and have their own personal demons too. At least some of them.
Kesari is what a big drama film means. Go for it just for the way Akshay keeps evolving as an actor with every movie.

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