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3.0 2,798 Ratings

Directed by : Karan Darra

Release Date : | Length : 122 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.7/5
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Khamoshiyan is a horror movie directed by Karan Darra and stars Ali Fazal in the lead role


“The fact that Khamoshiyan is an unnecessary film is no longer a secret.”

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Ali Fazal


Khamoshiyan Box Office

  • Gross: INR 9.63 cr.
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Khamoshiyan Audience Review


Rated 1.5 / 5
by Aneela Zeb (219 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Khamoshiyan is the perplexing tale of a writer who has been given three advance cheques for book projects --all three didnt move on from draft stage--and he is in his editor's office for a fourth project. WHO ARE THESE PUBLISHERS? And may I have the numbers for his editor? Oh wait, he has just returned the three cheques and is going to write his new book--he has no idea what about--but the "story" will come to himas he takes bus rides to picturesque vales which may or may not be Kashmir; appearances of slick J&K; police cars and ambulance cars notwithstanding. In a land that is amiss of army checkposts, locals, or maple leaves--a series of further perplexing encounters await us. Mysterious women who speak in men's voices, winged creatures trapped in jars, bondage, and an evil spirit who will do bad bad things---foremost of all GOING ALL BACK SPACE OVER HIS DRAFT *eeks*.

Khamoshiyan has Ali Fazal playing the writer who will have a series of unfortunate events unfolding when he takes that bus; the 'standard' issue newcomer Mahesh Bhatt heroine (this time it is Sapna Pabbi), the ubiquitous black bra and Gurmeet Choudhary who according to IndiaTV is looking forward to "good signs for its success, as astrologers believe that the movie will be helped by the energy of planet Jupiter". I rest my case.

The movie has been marketed as a thriller, as a iska raaz kiya hai types. They also throw in a generous sprinkling of portals, aatma, ghouls, spiking your date's drink with your blood, putting potpourri in your dead lover's body, and Ali Fazal the writer torturing people who are attending his book reading by RECITING THE ENTIRE FILM PLOT; and lest you think that all the pappiya jhappiya Angrezi ishtyle will lead our youth astray the film is also about reminding us that no matter how many dharam bhrasht and non shahakari antics you are up to--the "dead" ghoul has to be given a proper antim sanskar. The film thankfully only runs for 122 minutes and the film maker try to throw in as many sequences justifying the Adult Rating and hurriedly try to solve all the raaz; but somehow they never solve the number one mystery? Who are these publishers and editors who give three advance cheques for book projects???

I would say just have a MURDER, RAAZ, RAGINI MMS marathon this weekend guys.

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