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Directed by : Ajai Sinha

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Khap is a contemporary tale of traditional massacre erupting in the heartland of central India where certain villages still follow cruel age-old customs. This is where a story of passion, dishonour and deceit unfolds; where the sweet innocence of youth is throttled by uncompromising beliefs.


“Om Puri's performance and the film’s decent cast keep the audiences engaged till the interval. The story that follows is quite inconsistent and overdramatic. Give it a miss!”

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  • Gross: INR 0.15 cr.
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Avoid it at all costs!

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Like they say "Good intentions arent enough..." Id say "Good intentions don't automatically translate to good cinema"; 'Khap' is a perfect example of that. Based on the countless reports of honour killings in North India, this movie looks to dramatise events in an effort to educate and entertain the masses. Unfortunately the only thing it manages to do effectively is to bore the hell out of you and make you roll your eyes in disbelief at the one-dimensional drivel thrown up.

Madhur (Mohnish Behl) is the estranged son of Omkar (Om Puri) the head of a panchayat. He works for the National Human Rights Commission in Delhi and had left behind his village years ago after differences with his father over the outdated beliefs and practises of the Khap panchayats. He returns to his village after sixteen years to investigate honour killings supposedly carried out at the behest of the Khap Panchayat. Father & son duke it out in a verbal volley resulting in a tragedy which only pushes Omkar to question his life-long beliefs. His granddaughter, Ria falls for a boy from the same Gotra and Omkar turns over a new leaf and tries to convince his peers of the same. So will Omkar be successful in convincing the panchayat to mend their ways?

While the movie is loaded with sermons that offer fodder for and against the Khaps and their style of working, the moral stand is pretty clear right from the word go. Non-moustachioed, non-hookah smoking people are the good guys while the rest are evil men out for blood at the very mention of the word love. This inane and simplistic posturing only pushes the movie towards being one long and boring sermon which manages to neither convince nor offer anything concrete to the argument. Add to the mix a cliched and horribly amateur love story and you have the recipe for an unmitigated disaster. I was almost rooting for the Khaps to kill off the lovebirds and spare me the rest of the film; not the best of the feelings a movie should be bringing out in any viewer.

One of the biggest hurdles is the direction of Ajai Sinha who previously had been behind the camera for television serials such as 'Hasratein' and 'Astitva- Ek Prem Katha'. He brings those small screen sensibilities here and it shows in every aspect of the film right from the production values to the choppy narrative and editing.

Other than Om Puri none of the actors even offer any illusion of acting. Manoj Pahwa & Govind Namdeo twirling your moustache and making constipated faces doesnt equate to showing anger, both of you are capable of much better cinema.

'Khap' contains one priceless piece of cinema that just might make it the funniest movie of the year (unintentionally); an abrupt monologue by Alok Nath about the genetic dangers of inter-gotra marriages. You will roll with laughter, it is guaranteed.