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Khatta Meetha

Khatta Meetha

3.1 273 Ratings

Directed by : Priyadarshan

Release Date : | Length : 157 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.3/5
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Reveals in the light hearted way, the extent of corruption and bribery rampant in the system and the ingenious means you have to adopt if you want to survive.

Khatta Meetha Credit & Casting

Akshay Kumar

Khatta Meetha Box Office

  • Gross: INR 39.13 cr.
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Khatta Meetha Audience Review

Na khatta, na meetha - Ekdum beswaad !

Rated 0.5 / 5
by Manu Agrawal (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Dear Priyan,
I hope this letter finds you in good health however, I seriously doubt that box office collections from the last week would do you any good. You used to be a great film maker a long, long time ago. Please do not spoil your legacy. The money that you spend on making such films could be better spent on charity they arent raking in moolah anyway. Its time to retire!
Yours truly,
A Hera Pheri fan.
Year after year, and film after film, Priyadarshan relentlessly tries to make us laugh. But amidst the loud, shrieking actors, unimaginative and inane dialogues, the junta ends up covering its ears wishing that the torture would simply end. No sir, that wish wont be fulfilled either, as the movie is more than 2.5 hours long.
This film starts with a 5 minute monologue by Akshay Kumar, which pretty much sets the mood for the next 2 odd hours - sulky. And in the end, I had no patience to sit through the song which describes the film perfectly - BullShit.
Sachin Tichkule (Akshay Kumar) is a corrupt contractor who is always hard pressed for money, roaming around the municipality department for payments and running away from his debtors. His family consists of a principled father & highly corrupt brothers and in-laws. The film typically deals with Akshays trysts with the department, debtors, workers and family. Other characters with meaty roles are Rangeela (Rajpal Yadav), Tichkules labourer, Gehna(Trisha), his love interest and Anjali (Urvashi Sharma), his sister.
The film intends to use corruption as a premise to offer comedy, but the laughs are few and far in between. Even the tone of the film changes as the movie progresses, with the first half clearly devoted to comedy and the second to the fight towards righteousness. However, the ill-conceived storyline does not allow for a gripping narrative, as characters and scenes are introduced arbitrarily, neither carrying the story forward, nor make the viewer laugh. In the end, the film does not come across as one coherent piece, rather as a collection of separate 5-7 minute skits.
Not everything is bad about it however. Do watch out for the road roller sequence, which is somewhat funny. However, one scene is not enough to carry a movie on its own. Advertising is blatant too, with an under-garment brand occupying screen space a couple of times prominently.
Avoidable fare.

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