Ki & Ka

Ki & Ka

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Directed by : R. Balki

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  • Critics Rating 2.2/5
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A young couple's marriage challenges the gender roles placed upon men and women in Indian society


“Unsteady handling of a lovely concept, and yet Ki & Ka walks on High Heels”

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Arjun Kapoor


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Ki & Ka Review

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Ki & Ka is at its core an interesting film. Can a man not manage the house? Can a woman not be the primary breadwinner in the family? The director aims to take these contentious topics head on and give his own take on them. Ki & Ka aims to show gender equality but unfortunately ends up presenting a role reversal. That doesn't make it a bad film, but it falls short of the mark it was aiming for.

Kia is a career oriented woman who doesn't believe in the idea of marriage as she thinks it changes a woman for the worse. Kabir is an intelligent, well educated heir to a huge inheritance which he is reluctant to take because he doesn't want to work away his life and be miserable. The duo cross paths in a flight where they bond over Kabir's sorrow for his mother, who's recently passed away. There's a spark between them and soon it turns into a relationship and the two get married. Kia is the breadwinner of their family and Kabir keeps the house clean and cooks for his wife and mother in law. This unusual arrangement seems to work wonders for them as Kia progresses rapidly up the corporate ladder and Kabir becomes the envy of housewives in their neighbourhood. In fact, he becomes so popular that he becomes a celebrity of sorts. However, their dream marriage has issues; Kia becomes increasingly jealous of Kabir's success and often lashes out leaving the couple with a fairly bleak outlook on their future together.

Ki & Ka's interesting take on gender equality is backed up by some stellar, natural acting by the cast, each and every one of them. The lead couple have great chemistry that is instantly believable to the audience. Where the movie falters is in its execution. It plays too safe with its concept and it just about fizzles out near the end. You won't regret watching this, but it's not a must watch either.

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