Kucch Luv Jaisaa

Kucch Luv Jaisaa

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Mrs Madhu Saxena, a bored housewife runs into Raghav, a criminal on the loose! With this begins a one-day adventure of the duo and which changes their lives forever!

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Rahul Bose

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Kuch Luv Day Jaisaa

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Kucch Luv Jaisaa comes from a house which has a well established writer. Did love blind Saurabh Shukla so much to not notice scripting holes the size of a crater in this film written and directed by his wife Barnali Shukla.

Shefali Chhaya is born on the 29th of Feb and this film is about a day in her life when her husband forgets her birthday. Agar char saal mein ek baar birthday aata hai aur ek saal agar pati bhul jaaye toh kaunsi badi baat ho gayee? But here that one day Shefali decides to go out and live the day the way she wants to. Problem is she meets Rahul Bose and then the film becomes such a bore that watching every sequence (the film is filled with long boring sequences) becomes a task. Upar se, to watch Rahul Bose is so tiring that you feel like pulling your hair out. The day Shefali spends with herself is more boring than her life before that. The tag line says she is a housewife escaping boredom I say to escape boredom escape this film.

Final few words: The film is so bad that I had to treat my wife to a cup of coffee at a 4 star hotel out of the guilt of dragging her to watch this. So, beware!

Rating: *

Ticket meter: not even a dvd watch