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Laal Rang

Laal Rang

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Directed by : Syed Ahmad Afzal

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Rajesh (Akshay Oberoi) is a youngster who is in love with a fellow student Poonam. Poonam on the other hand is money minded and wants a guy who has a good source of income. Rajesh meets Shankar(Randeep Hooda) who runs a illegal blood bank. Shankar also has had a heart break through a punjabi girl (Meenakshi Dixit) whom he sti...more


“A better execution of a potent script could have made Laal Rang more Red!”

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Randeep Hooda


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Slow but interesting

Rated 2.5 / 5
by Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Lal Rang is about a Blood Bank racket in Haryana. As stories go this is pretty unusual and interesting. Unfortunately, the movie is long and slow and takes forever to reach the end , sapping you much like blood donation does and Gluco biscuits are not enough to revive you. If you are watching the movie I strongly recommned a sugary snack to keep you going till the end.

Shankar runs a blood collection scam. He is a student of the Lab technician course (though it is unclear why he needs to be one since he is already well established in the racket) and uses this route in connivance with officials in the hospital to regularly steal blood and sells it to private hospitals. He has professional donors also on standby to take advantage of the 'season' such as when dengue strikes and blood is in high demand. Rajesh, a fresh student in the course gets sucked into the racket. A love affair and greed makes him strike out on his own. Something goes wrong and the racket falls apart.

Shankar played with a casual devil may care attitude by Randeep Hooda is a complicated character. He runs a racket but seems not very atached to the money. I would call him a Robin Hood but he doesn't do anything for free. Yet he is willing to let go of a lot for friendship and love. This makes for an intersting character on screen and I enjoyed watching Randeep Hooda enjoy himself.

Rajesh on the other hand is easy to decipher and is played well by newcomer Akshay Oberoi . His love story with Poonam played charmingly by Piaa Bajpai is sweet and convincing. The other characters in the movie like the Shani Baba (trifle irritating) offer good support.

This movie is interesting in the insight it provides into the blood bank racket and the emotional interplay between the principal characters. However, it suffers from its length and though the songs are good they slow down the pace of the movie hugely. I am also not fond of voice overs which this movie uses needlessly.The end is a bit of a cop out given the complex character of Shankar and that's a disappointment. If the editor had been more ruthless the movie would have been more dramatic and gripping. Here, there is a laziness in the action much like the blood that slowly gets transferred from illegal sachets into the hospital ones. This one is worth watching if you have the patience to sit through a needlessly long movie. Overall, I liked it.

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