Love Express

Love Express

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Directed by : Sunny Bhambhani

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Love Express is a romantic comedy tracing the journey of two parallel love stories in a train full of Baraatis from Amritsar to Mumbai. A young couple on the way to their own wedding wants to break-up, while the other couple wants to make up after a five-year-old break-up. The first couple plots to break their wedding because...more


“A stale script with worn out dialogues and no big cast! Subhash Ghai's latest rom-com Love Express fails to impress the audiences because of its unrealistic presentation.”

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Sahil Mehta

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  • Gross: INR 0.27 cr.
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Bore Express

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Finding a theatre successfully screening 'Love Express' has proven to be more difficult than getting your hands on tickets for an India-Pakistan match. Not because there were crowds lining up to watch the movie but simply because the minimum number of patrons required by most theatres to run a screening weren't present. Can't blame the patrons nor theatres really, cause with such a bland and lifeless project at hand there is little to excite the audiences about stepping out of their homes in this weekends merciless downpour. Luckily as fate would have it, I managed to find a theatre late on Sunday evening that was actually running the film. As I stepped into the hall, I was surprised to find about a dozen others seated waiting for the movie to start, they too probably had reviews to write for some other publication and had been denied the opportunity by other theatres.

'Love Express' could be called a poorer cousin of 'Socha Na Tha'. Kanav (Sahil Mehta) and Ashneet (Mannat Rav) are on a train travelling from Ludhiana to Mumbai. Theirs is an arranged marriage with neither approving of the marriage as they find little in common with each other. In order to break off the wedding each one plans ways to sabotage the whole deal but soon enough realise they are actually soul mates. On the other hand, Priyanka (Priyum Galav) and Chiragh (Vikas Katyal) are two lovers who met each other five years back but still hold feelings for each other. Inspite of Priyanka being engaged Chiragh still wants to rekindle their romance. So what happens to the two couples forms the crux of the tale.

Like pointed out earlier the movie feels far too generic and bland. What made 'Socha Na Tha' so endearing is sorely lacking here. The compilation of the entire film reeks of amateurism. Far too many characters are placed without fleshing them out simply to provide laughs or a 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' kind of advice.

All this would have seemed less generic if the leads had managed to infuse some life into their romantic shenanigans but none of them have a spark individually or in their chemistry. I have to point out the characters are well defined in parts but again the screenplay fails to flesh them out.
A cast full of newcomers fails to create any sort of impact and can barely be distinguished. Om Puri plays for the laughs and seems to be the only saving grace.

'Love Express' is a bland, generic romantic flick that lacks spark. I wouldn't even advise it for a watch at home, unless you feel the need for a sleeping pill.