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Love, Sex aur Dhoka

Love, Sex aur Dhoka

3.2 195 Ratings

Directed by : Dibakar Banerjee

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Real human emotions of love, sex and betrayal portrayed in a candid way.

Love, Sex aur Dhoka Audience Review

Succumb To All

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Its not every Friday you walk into a theatre and get to see something completely unseen or get to experience something you never thought about. Point, I am trying to make here is LSD is something you cant anticipate or couldve predicted. So, in a classic sort of me, I start with dropping my hat down for Dibakar Banerjee, who just relied on the strength of his script & a power packed screenplay, picking up young and hardly bankable actors for an already risky attempt. Kudos to Ekta Kapoor as well for backing up a project that would make any regular producer go wary & breathless.
Now the reasons, LSD is a sharp film shot completely with hand-held cams that barge into the very private lives of a bunch of individuals, having their own share of troubles, their vivid sense of humor, also wouldnt forget their own sense of crisis management.

As the title suggests, the film is neatly divided into a 3-fold series that are interlinked with utter smartness by Banerjee & the film-editor Namrata Rao who gives a Taranitino feeling to this venture, keeping its personality distinct. The most engaging part which also shows bravery to be precise are the untouched technique of storytelling. Handheld cams, A CCTV and spy cams. Brave because this is a no mans land, a virgin territory and so a brand new debut for Bollywood as a whole let alone the naturally stunning new comers.LSD keeps you concentrated and anxious as it sails across primarily because of the story that is well-written a rare phenomena.

Film-school student Rahul( Anshuman Jha) and Aditya Chopra admirer who falls for his very own Simran (Shruti) leading us to a very brutal climax quite unlike the Chopra way. Although the story isnt novel and its tried-tested numerable times, it somehow clicks because of the realistic touch, filming-style and most importantly the intense characterization. Its detailed and its the way it would happen, if it wouldve happened.

The emotions, humor& the reflexes are portrayed so much in sync with the common people; it gives the feeling of a sleek, undeniable reality. In the second instance, Adarsh (Yadav) a store manager (& a fraud MBA) tricks the unsuspicious salesgirl Rashmi (Neha)on the pretext of love only to sell-off their sex sequence later captured by the CCTV & clean off his debt. Again here, the conversations are so genuine; they make us believe as it is some real-life footage. (the security guard here is hilarious) The third, which is the strongest of lot is of a sting hungry journalist Prabhat (Amit) who nails down a popular pop-singer Loki local (Herry Tangdi) who does the usual casting couch for a video break to this model (Arya Banerjee). You mightve figured out, we are talking or watching nothing great, but thats a potentially-loss-making mistake youd make by giving LSD a miss (or have you already?)
The theme is voyeurism dealt with the manners it should be. The only hitches I found was the pace you just so wish it was swifter, nonetheless it is very well compensated as it reaches the penultimate and the last sequences.

Also, in the first story, the homage to Aditya Chopra is more like a unsuccessful spoof, it drags & is simply not funny. However, the actors, handpicked couldnt deliver better & do more justice than the imbecile ones we see regularly in the unwatchable and un-aptly termed reality shows. Dibakar knows reality best, at least he knows the means. The cinematographer (Nikos Andritsakis) is an intelligent man. He lets you believe as if the characters are passing on the cams, filming the other. Music, though a common theme follows in the crucial scenes of each story is right and deserving, simply because it matches the tone of the mood. Editing topnotch, one of the best (Namrata Rao )and so is the clever, razor-sharp, glass-edged screenplay. Dialogues are also the strength; they hold good premise reason being not melo-dramatic & sticking to the needs.

All in all, youll see stories youve read in newspapers or seen in news channels, but likewise, they do happen, to other people, we say. There are some gore/disturbing sequences (an elderly lady walked out) so little ones or the weak-hearted stay off. WARNING - Its not even a film you can see with mummy-papa & didi on the side, if youll, be prepared for awkward silences.

What I was glad about is that LSD is a path-breaker and a new ground marking a beginning of something that is very much in stark contrast to the prefabricated cinema Bollywood is generally associated with. So pals, dont expect the usual, LSD is straight-forward, witty, shameless, on-point cinema of a rare harsh reality some people face & you make faces and wish you never face. I am heading with a 4 star rating, one for each story and another for the clever incorporation of the threesome. Fine yourselves for LSD, this drug is worth sniffing. Meanwhile the makers take a bow for the latest trend, I secretly wish this remains a monopoly but then Bollywood doesnt let remain any.

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