Maatr - The Mother

Maatr - The Mother

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Directed by : Ashtar Sayed

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Maatr The Mother is a film starring Raveena Tondon and is revenge thriller that has her play a mother of a young girl. Directed by Ashtar Syed, the film is all set to hit the screens on April 21st.


“Raveena gets a strong subject but an undoing effort to mark her comeback.”

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Raveena Tandon


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Crime and vigilante justice.

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Dev Raj Gulati (534 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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We are made to believe that Nirbhaya like cases are the routine in the capital city of our country.That drugs are as easily available like vegetables.That each hotel is being used for sleaze purposes.That politicians are bahubali's .That police is it's hand picked maiden.All in the name of the 'story being a fictional one'.When locales are easily identifiable fiction and reality must coincide.
In plain words the movie under review is about a brutal gang rape cum murder,cover up and vigilante justice.The victims are a mother -daughter duo,the perpetrators are louts connected to the son of the chief minister and that the avenger belongs to the upper steata of society .A kind of nth episode of the Zakhmi Aurat.This in no way means that the reviewer is undermining the seriousness and the sensitivity of the crime.Off course one does empathise with the victims plight.The point being drawn is that vigilanteism must be the last resort,not the first and immediate one.
Here the avenge seeker ( a school teacher) whoes easily identifiable ,is face to face with the investigating officer and vulnerable to all the perpetrsitirs.,doesn't convince the viewers.If at all avenge is to be sought ,it ought to be descreat and in a cover.It's a different matter that that justice is rendered in the end,the means are unjustifiable.
Where does the movie lack? The crime location is far from the police station( Tughlak Road) under whose jurisdiction the FIR is filed( if at all) and a semblance of investigation is taking place.We have never heard of CMs kith and kin being involved in a heneous crime in Delhi( One can't take the umbrella of it being fictional).When law and order is under the purview of the centre,how can the CM order for changing the IO?( This issue is pending for adjudication in the apex court).The husband's disinterest is highly unlikely.Why doesn't the IO disclose the content of the FIR to the victim?.Why can't the sole victim please her case in the absence of any witness?Why is the identity of hotels revealed where sleaze take place!?Why is media silent on the issue? Why no candle marches?
The commendable point is that since law takes ages to render justice,therefore victims take law into their hands.Crime and punishment must go together.Here the death of the teenaged gang rape victim is a fit case for death penalty ,yet law is silent.
All in all,the execution not being convincingly presented,makes the cause a weak one.In any case the movie has been given an A certificate.This will keep non adult viewers away.