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Maatr - The Mother

Maatr - The Mother

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Directed by : Ashtar Sayed

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Maatr The Mother is a film starring Raveena Tondon and is revenge thriller that has her play a mother of a young girl. Directed by Ashtar Syed, the film is all set to hit the screens on April 21st.


“Raveena gets a strong subject but an undoing effort to mark her comeback.”

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Maatr - The Mother Review

Rated 3.5 / 5
by Rahul Bharadwaj (13,020 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Given the way Begum Jaan and Noor dashed my hopes I walked in with limited expectations from Maatr. Let me tell you this I walked out pleasantly surprised with Maatr. It is not a classic. It has sincerity to its plot though. The movie moves with a consistent pace throughout and never lets go of its central focus. How an underdog woman fights her way into getting revenge for the brutal inhuman rape and murder that she and her innocent young daughter are subjected to.

The movie opens with probably the most hard hitting rape scene filmed in bollywood. It brings forth the inhumanity that women in our country go through. Vidya Chauhan and her daughter Tia go through the worst nightmare of a Delhi woman in a night. Thrown away like used objects presumed to be dead , Vidya Chauhan survives and implements revenge on her and her daughter's tormentors.

The director without getting preachy gives you a good idea of what such women go through in our system. They suffer the helplessness and corruption of the system. They get no help from the media barring a few hours of TRP hungry media glare. The worse however comes from home ,Vidya's husband turns out to be a spineless selfish man who blames Vidya for all that took place. The scene where Vidya and Ravi sleep in two separate adjoining rooms and camera focuses on the doors of the both the rooms together is pure creative epicness.

Thankfully Vidya turns out to be no crying self sympathy seeker woman. She decides to hunt and punish her tormentors. The beauty of the plot is she is no shrewd invincible David of Akhree Raasta while seeking revenge. She is scared while hunting down her villains but she stays determined and hangs in to win like a true underdog.

That is the biggest beauty of Maatr , it remains subtle and intense with a fine balance without ever getting loud.

The movie belongs to Raveena and she proves in the role of Vidya Chauhan that she still has a lot of fire left in her.The scene where she gets her first kill and walks away ensuring that her first target is dead is pure cat whistle stuff.

Anurag Arora as the helpless cop Shroff is another stand out performance.

Madhur Mittal as the main villain is handicapped by the director not giving much time space but he shows enough arrogant evil in the time that he gets. The other guy who plays his cowardly friend , could not find his name anywhere on the net J , is another worthy performance.

Maatr is worth a visit, for the simple delivery of a good story. A story which lot of women from NCR might relate to.

Maatr is also a million miles better than the disappointing Begum Jaans , Jaanus and Noors that bollywood has delivered .

A last word for the decent enough background score which lot many seem to have missed.

Dear Ashtar Sayed and Michael Pellico take a bow please . This movie has more directorial intent and plot then a lot of high decibel and high promotion garbage that has come out of bollywood in the last two months.

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