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Directed by : Jaideep Chopra

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An unconventional film with a racy plot that is sure to keep the audience captivated till the end. Shot in the serene hills of Mussourie, the scenic valleys of Dehradun and the raw rustic terrain of Meerut. Like the locations, the characters, too, are diverse and each one is a strong pillar on whose shoulders' the film rests.


“An intriguing thriller that keeps you engaged due to competent scripting and execution. One time watch.”

Maazii Credit & Casting

Sumeet Nijhawan

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  • Gross: INR 0.13 cr.
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Maazii Audience Review

That was quite a surprise, never saw it coming!

Rated 3.5 / 5

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Wow. So this has to be one of the most unexpected movie experiences in years.

Irritated, bored & definitely pissed off, I headed off to a cinema hall I'd never go to because Maazii is not playing anywhere close to my vicinity (which has 5 multiplexes & 1 single screen). Assuming I'll just waste few hours I sat in but was quite dumbfounded when I came out with quite an awesome viewing experience.

Maazii is that lovely film that no one will watch & never give a chance to.

Lets dive in. The film starts off with a bang in one of the most promising opening sequences I have seen in recent times. Tarun is a small town florist who along with his wife & kid, live in the hills. A turn of events makes him the toast of his town, but much to his dismay.

He kills 2 thugs attempting to rape someone but little does he know that the fame he will receive is going to end up haunting him.

Maazii means the past & thats what exactly catches up with our protagonist, turning his life into a frenzy & dragging his family in it as well.

From the word go, the film draws you in & spins a thrilling vortex that makes for a brilliant first half. The second half too is taut & from Mussorie to Meerut, the texture of the film makes for some great visuals. A shoddy climax kind of ruins the fun of an otherwise enthralling film.

The background score coupled with a few decent tracks that havent been marketed, keep you engrossed & the actors ably support this venture.

Director Jaideep Chopra delivers a winner all the way in what could classify as the most poorly marketed "good film" since Manorama: Six feet Under (remember that Gem).

I cant stress enough as to how surprised I am because having negative expectations has only helped my cause. I urge one and all to go watch this or atleast buy a DVD whenever its out. A tiny little film that needs support & should have had it. Even with all its flaws, its a worth a watch.

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