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Madras Cafe

Madras Cafe

3.6 3,891 Ratings

Directed by : Shoojit Sircar

Release Date : | Length : 130 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 3.2/5
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An Indian Intelligence agent (played by John Abraham) journeys into a war torn coastal island, to break a resolute rebel group. He deftly maneuvers his resources to make significant breakthroughs, amidst a scenario where the enemy has no face and the only counsel is ‘don’t get caught’. At various junctions he meets a charisma...more


“Madras Cafe is a well-made film with good performances. The gripping second half makes up for the sluggish first half. Watch it for a riveting history lesson mixed with intense drama.”

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John Abraham

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  • Gross: INR 43.85 cr.
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Madras Cafe Audience Review

A good political thriller that springs into action halfway in!

Rated 3.5 / 5

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Many times there are films that intrigue you with their promos & disappoint when you watch them.

Then there are those with half-baked promotions, poor marketing plugs but yet interest you enough to watch them. Madras Cafe falls in the latter & boy does it deliver.

Engaging, gritty & thoroughly satisfying, Madras Cafe could have been a knockout punch if only the first half was more controlled.

For those less informed of the Sri Lankan civil war & the role India played in the same, this one wil be a good educational exercise. The film plunges into the action straight away as ace RAW Agent Vikram (JA) is sent to Jafna to ease out the tension & build an opponent to the dangerous rebel group headed by Anna. Once there he gets caught up in the turmoil, meets British reporter Jaya (Nargis) & tries to uncover the volatile double crossing, political warfare & human emotions.

But the larger plot is a ploy of an assasination on an ex-Indian PM (read: Jawaharlal Nehru) and how Vikram and his team trace the parties involved.

At about 140 minutes, the film isnt too long but the first half is poorly paced. In a documentarish style, information is thrown at you relentlessly & its only in the 2nd half does the film recover. But when you sit back post interval, this roller coaster ride takes control over you & well & truly salvages the whole film.

From the performances it is the supporting cast who come out winners.

Siddharth Basu enthrals in his first ever film & is the pick of the lot along with a whimsically brillaint Prakash Belawadi as Bala.

John Abraham does well while stunner Nargis Fakhri returns to the silver screen in fine form after the debacle in Rockstar. The english speaking bit was a masterstroke.

Director Shoojit Sircar is truly the captain of this ship as he takes a convoluted tale & spins an intriguing web. From Vicky Donor to Madras Cafe, the range is phenomenal. Only if he paced the first half slightly better, this could have been something else.

To sum it up, this one is surely unmissable. Its very rare that you come out of a hindi movie thinking it was a rare fare. One that breaks many a barrier, Madras Cafe is a must watch & even a notch above Vicky Donor as an overall product.

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