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Directed by : Wilson Louis

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Sanjana is haunted by nightmares and vivid visions of a murder that took place in her house years before she moved in. She has a gift or rather a curse to see the dark past of any place she inhabits. Not able to take it anymore, Sanjana decides to leave the house and go for a vacation, hoping that those visions will stop chas...more

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Sameer Dattani

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  • Gross: INR 1.00 cr.
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Mallika... I hate you, I hate you!

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Manu Agrawal (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Okay ! If you really want to appreciate this one, you better keep your expectations low. And no,
Mallika Sherawat is not a part of this movie, albeit her first co-star Himanshu Malik is (poor
guy, he must be really out of work to star in a movie named 'Mallika' :-) ). Welcome to a
horrific horror flick where the horror element doesn't depend on scary situations or wierd
makeup, but on the decibel count of shrieks, each one even more ear-splitting than the last.

The ideal format of a horror movie is somewhat like this: There is an absolutely scary 5 minute
sequence before the titles, which set the mood of the story. The subsequent 40 minutes or so are
devoted to developing a story, which usually culminates in a even scarier climax. Mallika
follows the format to the 'T', but neither is the pre-title introduction scary, nor is the story
buildup coherent, and the climax is extremely repetitive.

Sanjana visits a fort-turned-resort to get away from her home, where she is perennially plagued
by ghost sightings because a girl was murdered there long, long ago. On her way, she meets Sahil
(Samir Dattani), a soon-to-be-killed driver, and two obnoxious and stupid policemen (comedian
Suresh Menon being one of them). Reaching the fort, they meet the caretakers Himanshu Malik and
his wife, and some other random characters (who will be murdered soon). All of them keep seeing
ghosts everywhere (and Sanjana keeps shrieking loudly). Post-interval, a flashback tries to
bring about some coherence, bringing the film to a somewhat logical conclusion.

The storyline is riddled with loopholes. There is no connection between Sanjana's bhoot back
home and the newer bhoot haunting everybody in the fort. Although the ghost is said to be very
principled, who only kills people with bad intentions, even nobler characters are not spared.
The story is so poorly written that the final voiceover accepts that a lot of questions are left
unanswered (Pray they dont come up with a sequel to get those questions answered). The attempts
at horror did not make me flinch even once, and Suresh Menon's attempts at humor are lame. They
do try to lift the soundtrack by using "Wo Bhooli Dastaan", but that doesn't do enough.


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