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Directed by : Sandeep A. Varma

Release Date : | Length : 130 Minutes

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Set in India’s hinterland, the film follows young Manjunath Shanmugham’s journey as he passes out of the elite IIM Lucknow and joins an oil company. One day Manjunath goes missing. When found, Manjunath appears very frantic. Both he and his friends had realized that there is large scale adulteration of fuel taking place. It i...more


“Manjunath is an important film that should be seen for the real-life martyr. While this tribute could have been executed better, it doesn't take away the impact of this honest and brave film.”

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Seema Biswas

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  • Gross: INR 1.01 cr.
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Manjunath Audience Review

A great life, a sad film

| by Ameet Bhuvan |
Rated 3.0 / 5
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Manjunath is killed, shot dead in the chest six times, for trying to uncover corruption rampant in U.P.'s oil sector. A note in the very beginning of the film amply establishes a fact that many of us who read a newspaper not just to gloat over Modi's victory know pretty well. What follows after this is a cris-crossing between the present when Manjunath is missing and the past where he is preparing to be the poster boy of alternate politics and rebellion for modern India. As an audience, one would be interested more in the latter. As a movie, the former is what is repeatedly thrust upon you in this film.

Manjunath's story is no Shaahid. There is no religious divide to ignite hatred instantly. The north south divide, though potent, is assimilated by us Indians in the garb of crass madarasi humour. Manjunath himself was a staid low key individual who believed in doing things rather than making noise about it. The film too, unfortunately, decides to not make any noise whatsoever about his life.

In one of the scenes, Manjunath is described to have a border line split personality, adding to his bravado of venturing out all alone despite knowing his life was under severe threat. Did the man never think of what his family would go through? His almost Jehadish penchant against corruption and for propriety in public life directly clashed with his obligations as a son, a brother. How different was Manjunath from a suicide bomber in that sense then? This film does not even attempt an answer to these questions.

What it does instead is give us a convolute narrative style that pushes on to you a ghost of Manjunath talking to his killer. Breaking the otherwise documentary realism, this tool destroys any form of attachment that one could have felt to Manjunath the man; alienating him further forever from an audience that should have been stirred by his courage of conviction.

Manjunath the film was a brilliant opportunity for cinema to bring out the follies and the triumph over them that a normal human being could summon as he stood against the wrong. In a day and age where dissent is shouted out by the din of arrogant authoritarian intent garbed as development, Manjunath's story is one of the few examples of actually thinking independently. Sadly, the film is not the one that will serve the story's true purpose. For that, we would have to wait longer.

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