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Directed by : Milap Zaveri

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Mastizaade is Bollywood sex comedy film, directed by writer turned director Milap Zaveri while produced by Pritish Nandy and Rangita Nandy. The film stars Tusshar Kapoor, Vir Das and Sunny Leone in lead roles.


“Far from being a comedy, even Sunny couldn't make Mastizaade look sexy.”

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2016 seems to be the year of Bollywood sex comedies. Unfortunately for the viewer all of them, including Mastizaade are positively awful. This "movie" has absolutely no plot to speak of. There's no direction, the characters motivations are singular at best. It's not even funny. Mastizaade is god awful. Sunny Leone showing some skin is the sole reason for this movie to exist, and it's not like one has to go to the cinema hall to see that. Unless you're looking for dialogues that seem to be written by a 12 year old after learning his first few dirty words.

Sunny and Aditya are two sex addicts who pick up chicks at sex addiction therapy group meetings. They happen to fall a couple of identical twins, Lily and Laila Lele (really). The sex addict due transition into stalkers in order to get with their mark. This leads the foursome around the world to scenic locations while they attempt to woo the Sunny's. One of the Sunny's happens to be a susheel type. This is evidenced by the fact that she wears glasses. Add in some lewd gestures, strategically used bananas and a flaming homosexual that reinforces stereotypes and you have the rest of what this abhorrent movie calls a "plot".

Mastizaade shouldn't exist. It's a poorly made, unfunny and downright disgusting movie. Vir Das seems to be the only one trying amongst the cast and even he isn't great. Sunny Leone seems to be there only to strike a pose and not much else. Just don't watch it.

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