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Directed by : Pankaj Kapur

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Mausam is the knotty tale of Harry and Aayat who develop adolescent love in an Indian summer, go through a change of season with turmoil in their relationship, and meet again in the Scottish spring. Just when things seem upbeat, hostile situations separate Harry and Aayat again. Harry (now an Air force commander) must choose ...more


“The film kicks off beautifully but after a point, loses its momentum mainly because of Pankaj Kapur's weak direction and average performances by the leads. Keeping your expectations low might help before watching this one.”

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Sonam Kapoor

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  • Gross: INR 31.56 cr.
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A very long season

| by Mehul Suri |
Rated 3.0 / 5
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"Mausam" had the markings of a classic epic romance much in the league of "Gone With The Wind" but frankly my dear except for their lengths, there is little else that is similar. The film at 160 minutes plus of run time really tests your patience and the slow pace and shifting action leave you looking at the watch far too often.

Pankaj Kapur makes a daring effort with his first film. A de-glam leading lady, larger than life camerawork featuring exotic locations and yes the air force and fighter planes. But all of it goes in vain because the film moves at the pace of a tortoise. Having said that, the debutant director puts on quite a show. Each scene is crafted beautifully and the mise en scene is absolutely top notch. But the script falters miserably as we go from one national tragedy to another, never really feeling anything for the story or the characters.

Shahid Kapur is often said to emulate Shah Rukh Khan, so it is little wonder that he never really rises above his public image. You see the same old Shahid in "mausam" that was there in "Jab We Met". Sonam Kapoor does however show the spark of "Saanwariya" that had people calling her a modern day Waheeda Rahman. Honestly, I was so sick of her wardrobe discussions and giggling retarded behaviour that this performance really worked for me. Maybe she should stick to these kind of roles. However whenever together, the leading pair's chemistry reminds you of Raj Kapoor and Nargis of the yore. But 5-6 scenes out of the entire film is really not much of deliverance for a big outing like this.

The film had some basic logic jumps, trying to make it revolve around all our national tragedies in the last decade and a half. But it feels more like forced co-incidence than anything else.

Do I recommend it? If you sat through "Jodhaa Akbar" without much trouble, do go for it. But there is always the danger of you falling asleep before your leg does.